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Letter to the Community in Support of Miki Kapoor For Bronxville School Board

May 12, 2021

Dear Bronxville Village Residents,

We are a group of more than 200 Village residents who are asking you to vote on Tuesday, May 18th for Non-Partisan Committee-endorsed candidate, Miki Kapoor, for School Board Trustee. We know Miki well, some professionally, some personally, some through his work at the Bronxville School, and some through the Non-Partisan Committee (NPC) process.  

Miki and his wife have lived in Bronxville for eight years and he is an active and involved father to his three children. Miki is intelligent, level-headed, community-minded, strategic, fiscally-responsible, and exceedingly competent. As a deeply engaged member of our community, we know how much he cares about maintaining what makes Bronxville so special.

Miki has the proven track-record of professional accomplishments necessary for this position. After almost ten successful years on Wall Street, Miki founded and/or served as President or CEO of three healthcare companies. Prior to that, he was the Executive Vice President for health systems operations at the Clinton Foundation.

In addition, Miki has the necessary leadership experience for this position. He has served on multiple professional and volunteer boards and committees, and is a current member of both a Bronxville School curriculum committee and the Bronxville Police Community Relations Committee.

Lastly, Miki has the academic credentials necessary for this position. He received his MBA in Finance and MPH in Health Policy from Yale. He is a Fulbright Fellow and was a visiting professor at two universities.

There are only seven school board seats and it is important that we have highly qualified, trusted, and dedicated trustees in each position. The NPC has contributed to shaping 85 years of strong Boards in Bronxville, a Board whose governance has and must continue to attract talented administrators and teachers. The 21 Bronxville NPC members are elected representatives who conduct a rigorous process to find, vet, interview and endorse candidates for the school board. The NPC strives to find people like Miki Kapoor and Susan Conniff who are accomplished professionally, as well as have a demonstrated commitment to the community's smooth functioning. You can find more about the NPC at: www.bronxvillenpc.com.

It is our hope, in electing School Board members, that we consider a candidate who not only has the academic and professional experiences needed, but one who has volunteered his time and has continuously shown passion and commitment to our community for years. You will find this dedication in Miki; a proven leader who will make responsible decisions for our school, our children and our community for years to come. Miki Kapoor has earned the endorsement of the NPC and has the credentials, competence and character necessary for School Board Trustee. As such, we endorse him without reservation and urge you to come out and vote for him on May 18th at the school.


Andrea Abbott

Kerry Acocella

Ali Agboatwalla

Huma Agboatwalla

Jocelyn Angelone

Rajiv Bala

Joyce Barnes

Jonathan Barnes

Conway Bate

Obie Bate

Allison Beer

Jonathan Beer

Matt Behrens

Jill Bethea

Brandon Bethea

Danielle Bici

Alex Bici

David Birnbaum

Courtney Birnbaum

Hilary Blumenreich

Teresa Brady

Michael Brady

Zahabia Brainch

Satpal Brainch

Milano Buckley

Bobby Buckley

Steffany Carey

Dan Carey

Tiffani Chambers

Reginald Chambers

Kevin Charlton

Ashley Ching

Michael Ching

Gemma Clarke

Toni Clayton-Hine

Ben Collier

Holly Collier

Susan Conniff

Chris Conniff

Andres Copete

Margaret Copete

Lianne de Serres, MD

Diana Deichert

Robert Deichert

Brian DeRousseau

Jeanne DeRousseau

Lori Deutsch

Doug Deutsch

Deidre Doheny

Michael Doheny

Thammy Donnelly

Brendan Donnelly

Collin Donohue

Kelly Donohue

Tomas Dordevic

Bilijana Dordevic

Elizabeth Eberle

Jeff Eberle

Chris Fahy

Wendy Fahy

Steven Farber

Daria Ficazzola

Michael Ficazzola

Carolyn Fiuza

Pedro Fiuza

Kate Fixmer

Warren Fixmer

Susie Frigon

Beth Fulton

Will Fulton

Richard Gegenwarth

Victor Glazer

Zlata Gleason

Greg Gleason

Beata Gocyk-Farber

Holt Goddard

Gillian Goddard

Ben Gohman

Katie Gohman

Alexis Gold

Aaron Gold

Susan Gordon

Douglas Gordon

Pam Habner

Mark Habner

Madeleine Haeringer

Wendy Halley

John Halley

Tara Hansen

Thomas Hansen

Jeff Hine

Brooke Horgan

Hunter Horgan

Liz Insley

Marshall Insley

Joanne Johnson

Emily Johnston

Nik Johnston

Elka Kancheva

Simone Kane

Matt Kane

Heidi Kapoor

Holly Kennedy

John Kennedy

Laura Kinon

Merritt Kinon, MD

Shelly Klose

Christian Klose

Christina Krettecos

Stephen Lamberton

Heather Lamberton

Alanna Leavell

Byrd Leavell

George Lekovic

Ana Lekovic

Ryan Loader

Sarah Loader

Gina Lodi

Joe Lodi

Erin Lovett

Edward Lovett

Cara Martin

Surbjit Mattu

Palvinder Mattu

George McKinnis

Marlene McKinnis

Christina Mena

Anthony Mercando

Lee-Ann Mercando

Chris Mestl

Ashley Mestl

Chris Mincak

Mark Miner

Heather Miner

Augusta Moore

Sarah Normand

Vanessa O'Friel

Jeremy O'Friel

Megan O'Grady

James O'Grady

David O'Shaughnessy

Mary Karen O'Shaughnessy

Bishop Derek Owens

Misha Pantalena

John Pantalena

Leah Parks

Nick Parks

Elizabeth Peacock

Rebecca Peckham

Robert Peckham

Richard Pero

Katie Pinho

Mark Pinho

Chevy Pompey

Phil Preis

Emelie Preis

Betsy Putnam

Ian Putnam

Jaimin Rangwalla

Elizabeth Rangwalla

Lisa Rao

Ashvin Rao

Edward A.Reilly Jr.

Katie Roach

Morgan Roach

Kierstie Rucci

Josh Rucci

Siddhartha Sandilya

Stark Sands

Dina Sanna

Chris Sanna

Ami Schmitz

Sandra Schubert

Peter Schubert

Alex Seaton

Paul Seaton

Minju Seo

Aaron Shafer

Brian Smith

Kristin Smith

Gail Solomon

Chip Spear

Peter Stein

Sarah Stein

Thea Stokes

Alison Strong

Migo Terjanian

Maria Terjanian

Richard Thomas

Amy Thornton

Schatze Thorp

Peter Thorp

Monica Thurmond

Kim Tobin

Greg Tobin

Dean Vanderwarker

Lynette Vanderwarker

Kate Vaughey

Tyler Vaughey

Peter Vermette

Lyndal Vermette

Margaret Vitrano

Rekha Waggoner

Jonathan Waggoner

Daisy Wang

Reverend Matthew Waterstone

Tim Whipple

Jill Whipple

Kevin White

Nick Willoughby

Kristin Willoughby

Yumi Winiecki

Phil Winiecki

Eleyna Whittingham

Matt Young

Elizabeth Young

Robyn Zivic


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