Letter to the Editor: Village Should Take Leadership Role in Managing Cell Phone Antenna Issue Print


To The Editor:

Mar. 27, 2019:  As longtime residents of Bronxville, we are writing to voice our concern about the cell phone antennas AT&T/Cingular is seeking to install on the elevator tower at 7 Pondfield Road.

As shown by the standing-room-only crowd at the most recent meeting of the planning board, there are many village residents who share our concern. (To the planning board's credit, it postponed any decision-making due to lapses in the notification process, giving affected residents more time to study AT&T’s proposal and assess the impact of the new construction.)

While we recognize the need for high-quality cell phone service, we do not believe that putting the antennas of a single carrier in a single location will meet the long-term needs of this village. At present, at least three different telecom providers have antennas atop Lawrence Hospital, which has apparently decided that it no longer wants them there. If so, the village will face relocation controversy over and over again once leases run out for the respective companies.

Typical municipal guidelines ordain that cell phone antennas be placed in the following areas, in order of preference: co-location with an existing tower, municipal property, industrial property, light industrial property, business district. 

By choosing the tower at 7 Pondfield Road, AT&T is aiming at the very last choice on this list – and it’s a choice that, although zoned for commercial use, is closely bordered by residential buildings, a church, and an elementary school.

We believe it is now up to the Village of Bronxville to take a leadership role in managing this problem – as it has done successfully so many times in the past. It appears that AT&T’s current lease is renewable on a month-to-month basis, giving all interested parties a terrific opportunity to get this project done right. A single carrier in a single location amounts to kicking the can down the road. We can do better than that.

Nancy and David Snell

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