Letter from Parents of School-Aged Children in Support of Bill Primps for Village Justice Print


To the Editor:

Mar. 14, 2018:  We, the undersigned parents of Bronxville school-aged children, write in support of William Primps’s candidacy for village justice. We deeply appreciate Bill's vast experience serving our village and believe that by electing him, the interests of all village residents will be served.

In addition, from our perspective as parents, we favor Bill because of his years working with the local police force and his ongoing service as counsel to the village ethics board. He is the candidate with both the experience and wisdom to administer justice to our younger residents in a way that tempers accountability and law enforcement with remedies that minimize long-term stigma. Bill's credibility from his work with our police department and experience addressing perennial and new threats to our cherished community ensure that public safety will be enhanced while Bronxville's values are served.

We respectfully ask that you join us in supporting Bill Primps for Bronxville village justice. In our small village, every vote counts.

Lisa and Brian Bodell
Nadine and Michael Brandes
Carter and Andrew Callaway
Lisa and Doug Cruikshank
Carmita and Ed Estrada
Bona Han and EJ Hong
Aaron Hood
Jennie and Walker Jacobs
Joanne and Steve Jones
Emily and Mark Liggitt
Michelle and Bob McCarthy
Heather and Mark Miner
Charlotte and Peter Rizzo
Sharon and Scott Robinson
Kierstie and Josh Rucci
Alvaro Saralegui and Lisa DeCrane
Maggie and Davis Sevin

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