Letter to the Editor: Christmas Caroling Tradition in Eastchester Celebrates 10th Year Print


To the Editor:

Dec. 20, 2017:  In December 2008, a longtime resident of Eastchester, Theresa Nicholson, thought it would be a nice deed to spread some Christmas cheer to all her neighbors and friends by way of Christmas caroling.  

Along with her family, friends, and their children, they went from house to house singing their happy Christmas songs armed with a flashlight and a portable DVD player. The DVD player was to help the kids keep time to their lyrics, which they had in their hand, as the children sang from their song sheets.  

The children and adults sang their hearts out. I, myself, was a participant, along with my 8-year-old daughter (at that time). The kids enjoyed going house to house, as they felt enormous pride as the neighbors complimented them on their lovely singing and told them how much they enjoyed their performances.  

The adults who were singing were equally delighted to see everyone enjoying such a great outing! The fun didn’t stop there – after singing for an hour and a half and covering about 10 blocks of homes, it was off to the Nicholsons' home to warm up with hot cocoa, hot food, desserts, and more laughter and fun.  

This tradition continued the following year; the word has spread, and now there are about 60 volunteer carolers, and the numbers keep growing to this day. Without fail, Theresa sends out emails with a date and a time for this annual Christmas caroling event and after party.

I think it is safe to say that this event has captured the true meaning of community and the true meaning of spreading joy and cheer during the holiday season. Imagine all the children who were able to experience this kind of Christmas spirit throughout their growing years. So you better watch out. Santa is not the only one coming to town!

The carolers will be out spreading their joy this December 23, and it is such a lovely sound and sight!

Colleen Gleeson, 
Town of Eastchester resident and Christmas caroler

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