Blustery Snowstorm Hits Bronxville: See Photos Print

Jan. 8, 2014:  A large, blustery snowstorm hit Bronxville Thursday night into early Friday morning, January 2-3, dumping approximately eight inches of snow on the village, according to Superintendent of Public Works Rocco Circosta.

It started with a light snow at about 7:00 pm on Thursday night; it then halted and later intensified early Friday morning at about 1:30 am, continuing until about 7:00 am and bringing with it high winds and snowdrifts. Many Bronxvillians were snowbound in their homes until sidewalks were shoveled and driveways were cleared away. Not for the meek in spirit or physical strength was this task.

Thanks to the extraordinarily fine job by the Bronxville Department of Public Works, residents were free to drive on the primary and secondary roads of Bronxville by 10:00 am on Friday. 

The DPW began a day in advance to accomplish this feat. Three salt trucks were dispatched early on Thursday morning to salt primary roads and intersections. At 8:00 pm on Thursday night, DPW crews began more salting, and four trucks were dispatched to begin plowing. 

According to Circosta, by 9:30 pm there were 11 vehicles plowing streets in Bronxville. All 11 trucks continued to plow as the storm intensified overnight. By 6:00 am on Friday morning, 16 pieces of equipment were being dedicated to plowing and snow removal, the sanitation crews having been diverted from sanitation collection to snow removal.

So, while Bronxville residents were sleeping in their warm, snug homes, DPW crews worked without sleep all night. Circosta reported that by 7:30 am, "all primary roads were passable and cleared," and "by approximately 10:00 am, all roads [in the Village] were plowed and treated with deicing agents."

There was no rest for the weary, however. On Saturday, January 4, from midnight to 7:00 am, the DPW crew cleared the central business district. On Sunday, the DPW crew was called out again at 10:00 am because of slippery roads. The DPW dispatched two salt trucks and all roads were treated with deicing agents. 

To see photos of the snowstorm, click this link:  Snowstorm January 2-3, 2014.

Photo by A. Warner