Bronxville Village Trustees Approve Funding for Variety of Capital Projects and Improvements Including Equipment for Police, DPW, and Playground Print


By Carol Bartold, Senior Reporter

Jun. 19, 2019:  Village capital projects took center stage at the Bronxville Board of Trustees meeting on Monday, June 10. Moving into the 2019-2020 fiscal year, the board approved a round of resolutions to fund various classes of planned purchases and improvements.

Village Administrator Jim Palmer stated that, while the village has earmarked $750,000 for improvements to the Pondfield Avenue underpass, issues of jurisdiction between MetroNorth Railroad and the village have not been clearly delineated. “I have reviewed the deed from 1914,” Palmer said, “and haven’t seen anything that specifically states that the village is responsible for the sidewalks or railings.” Bid documents are ready to be sent out for some of the aesthetic improvements. If necessary, Palmer will ask village attorney James Staudt to assist in producing a statement to indicate that the village, in moving forward with that work, in no way means it will assume that responsibility in the future.

The board approved funding of $348,588 for items with a useful life of three to five years, including a new copier, body cameras for police officers, pay stations for the new parking lot, a license plate reader for parking enforcement officers, and a new fingerprinting machine.

For projects with a 15-year useful life, the board approved $212,949 in funding. Plans to purchase a new dump truck, a new sanitation truck body, and a new electrical panel for the paddle tennis courts and to replace some of the Sagamore Park playground equipment fall within this category.

Improvements to village hall, primarily painting and interior improvements to offices, are expected to have a 25-year useful life, received $197,168 in funding approval.

Looking toward the future, Bronxville resident Betsy Harding urged the trustees to “really get it right and cover all the bases” in analyzing the needs for a new department of public works garage and building a facility to meet those needs.

Jim Palmer reported that, despite recent rains, construction at the former Avalon parking lot on Parkway Road is proceeding on schedule and the lot should open July 1. The new sidewalk along Parkway Road and the walkway to the Metro-North Railroad platform both opened this month.

Mayor Mary Marvin announced the death of former Bronxville mayor William J. Murphy. Murphy served as mayor in the mid-1980s and then became the village’s volunteer parking commissioner. “Bill was the definition of a volunteer,” Marvin noted. “He lent his time, talents, and financial generosity to this village. Everyone here at village hall will miss him.”

The board of trustees will meet on Monday, July 8, at 8:00 pm in the trustees room at village hall. A 7:00 pm work session will precede the public meeting.