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Eliza Corwin Frost Welcomes Pets to the Classroom Print

Oct. 23, 2013:  Eliza Corwin Frost welcomed furry, scaly, and squeaky pets to our classrooms last week. All ages had one-on-one time with Samantha Gordon from The Nature of Things to see and pet live animals. The interactive class focused on animals' similarities and differences using the visitors as examples.

Some special guests were Zuko the Angora rabbit, Sydney the milk snake, and Sami the quaker parrot. The Nature of Things offers educational programs for all ages, including adults, and also visits senior centers. Providing a nurturing, developmental, and inquiry-based approach, its hands-on programs fit in perfectly with Eliza Corwin Frost's curriculum. The program is a highlight of the school year; The Nature of Things has been introducing our children to live animals for over 15 years.

Eliza Corwin Frost ( has been providing children with confidence, curiosity, and passion for learning for children ages two through prekindergarten since 1973.