Concordia Conservatory Presents Summer Music Festival 2016 on July 20 and 21 Print

By Kathleen Suss, Executive Director, Concordia Conservatory

Jul. 20, 2016:  The Concordia Conservatory Summer Music Festival, an annual summer tradition, will take place on July 20 and 21 in the Sommer Center for Worship and the Performing Arts and the Schoenfeld Campus Center on the campus of Concordia College.

Performances for the festival occur over the course of two days. 

Wednesday, July 20

6:30 pm:  The Three Little Pigs, a one-act opera performed by Vocal Arts Camp, Sommer Center

7:30 pm:  Chamber Music Concert, Sommer Center

8:30 pm:  Gershwin-Kern Cabaret performed by Vocal Arts Camp, Sommer Center

Thursday, July 21

6:30 pm:  HATS, musical theatre workshop production, Sommer Center

7:30 pm:  Bash Concert, Schoenfeld Campus Center

The Vocal Arts Camp is led by faculty members Sheri Hammerstrom, Sun Young Chang, Jon Klibonoff, Julie Schmidt, and Audry Hamilton, and the counselors and campers are Kellie Williams, Megan Barker, Noelle Butler, Wylie Coleman, Olivia Damasco, Katie Gebbia, Peter Keller, Madeline LoBono, Marion LoBono, Francesca Maroun, Lauren Mickley, Francesca Serriano, Chloe Simonte, Grace Smyth, Katie Suss, and Anabelle Thurston.

The Chamber Music Camp faculty members are Keith Kreindler, Jee Sun Lee, and Caroline Park, and the counselors and campers are Jillian Quigley, Chloe Simonte, Shay Armand, Megan Barker, Alexandra Chitu, William Giegerich, Aidan Hartenstein, Audrey Hom, Emma Keegan, Nicolas Massimi, Soroush Rassi, Sri Srinivasan, Duke Wang, and Grant Wang.

The Musical Theatre Camp is headed by faculty members Audry Hamilton and Jon Klibonoff, and the counselors and campers are Lauren Mickley, Francesca Serriano, Kellie Williams, Aaliyah Hartenstein, Allison Marshall, Hannah Rampersad, Laura Sanchez, and Zarine Yaghoobi

The Camp Band Bash is led by faculty members Bob Gingery and Audry Hamilton, and the counselors and campers are Daniel DeGenaro, Claire Giegerich, Leo Gretzinger, Coleman Breining, Aidan Hartenstein, Nicolas Massimi, Jack Ognibene, and Dominick Scalera.

On July 22, the culminating Conservatory camp events include outreach performances for the camps at the Wartburg senior living center in Mount Vernon.

Admission to the Conservatory Summer Festival is free and open to the public. For more information, call 914-395-4507. 

Pictured here:  The façade of the Concordia Conservatory building.

Photo by A. Warner