Thirty-Six Bronxville School Students Chosen for All-County Music Ensembles Print

Feb. 26, 2014:  Thirty-six Bronxville School students have been selected for All-County music ensembles by the Westchester County School Music Association (WCSMA) for its 2014 Elementary and Intermediate Festival concerts on March 8 and 9 at SUNY Purchase.

The Elementary Festival includes students in grades four through six.

Elementary Orchestra:  Selected for the Elementary Orchestra are fifth graders Henry Lynn (bass) and Elizabeth Murray and Rachel Roberts (violin) and sixth graders Yotaro Moriyasu (viola), Hailey Mullen (violin), Alexandria Paradise (cello), Sofia Ricciarini (violin), and Ellie Russo (bass).

Elementary Band:  Selected for the Elementary Band are sixth graders Finlay Boardman (trombone), Annabel Evison (trumpet), James Ferguson (French horn), and Theodore Sperber (trumpet).

Elementary Chorus:  Named to the Elementary Chorus are sixth graders Gaby Laval-Mullen, Natalia Morato, and Holly Ungvary (soprano) and Max Laval-Mullen, Xavier Layton, Anna Torres, and Luke Watkins (alto).

The Intermediate Festival includes students in grades seven through nine.

Intermediate Orchestra:  Selected for the Intermediate Orchestra are ninth grader Ali Gokhan (viola) and eighth grader Nate Moore (bass).

Intermediate Band:  Selected for the Intermediate Band are seventh graders Timothy Cushman (baritone saxophone) and Paul Magaud (flute) and ninth grader Michael Landy (named principal oboe).

Intermediate Chorus:  Named to the Intermediate Chorus are seventh grader Vance Wood (soprano), eighth graders Evelyn Kluemper (soprano), Hadley Barr and Nicole Torres (alto), Roberto Gandara, Griffin Garbarini, Quintin George, Ned McCann, Colin McCloskey, and Sam Powell (baritone), and ninth graders Jason Cushman and Niko Goutakolis (baritone).

The instrumentalists were chosen by WCSMA on the basis of auditions at last spring's NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association) Solo Festival, where they were required to perform a solo piece, sight-read, and play scales.

The singers were chosen by their school choral director on the basis of skills and interest.

Pictured here (rotating): Bronxville School All-County singers (L to R): front row: Gaby Laval-Mullen, Anna Torres, Holly Ungvary, and Natalia Morato; middle row: Colin McCloskey, Quintin George, Roberto Gandara, Ned McCann, Max Laval-Mullen, Nicole Torres, and Vance Wood; back row: Sam Powell, Griffin Garbarini, Jason Cushman, Niko Goutakolis, Hadley Barr, and Evelyn Kluemper. Missing: Xavier Layton and Luke Watkins. Bronxville School All-County instrumentalists (L to R): Alexandria Paradise, Henry Lynn, Ali Gokhan, Theodore Sperber, Hailey Mullen, Michael Landy, Sofia Ricciarini, Nate Moore, Annabel Evison, Timothy Cushman, Elizabeth Murray, Finlay Boardman, Ellie Russo, James Ferguson, Rachel Roberts, Yotaro Moriyasu, and Paul Magaud.

Photos courtesy Donna Devlin, Volunteer, Bronxville High School Music Department