Bronxville Library Launches New Website: Learn Advantages Print

Feb. 12, 2014:  It has been nearly a year in the making, but "well worth the wait," according to an early explorer. The trustees of the Bronxville Public Library are very pleased to present a new "visual identity" and website. The new logo and motto express the character of the library, with a strong sense of history and a fresh, clean look.

A shelf of books and the apple as a symbol of learning are time-honored emblems of libraries and education. For the Bronxville Public Library, these elements have been combined by talented designer Lis Herbert in an elegant, classic logo that acknowledges these traditions and associations and gives them contemporary appeal. The new motto, "Raise Your Mind," is adapted from the Richard Armour verse about libraries: "Here is where people, one frequently finds, lower their voices, and raise their minds."

Sarah Underhill, president of the library's board, explained: "We know that, increasingly, our patrons are not only entering the library through the doors of our beautiful Georgian brick building at the corner of Pondfield and Midland. You are also connecting to us from home and from your mobile devices."

She added, "Our new website will make those connections for you and will give you many options for exploring what's new in the world of books in general and our library in particular. We hope it will inspire you to visit the library for our array of programs and cultural events, to take advantage of the expertise of our librarians, or to settle in the reading room with a good book."

The new site is packed with information and inspiration. You can find out how to download books and music to your devices; navigate the Westchester Library System site; discover the research tools available to you; and get ideas for your next book from descriptions of the latest releases, award-winning titles, and staff picks. You can mark your calendar with the many outstanding programs sponsored by the Friends of the Bronxville Public Library and those created by staff for children and teens.

Library director Gabriella Radujko reported:  "The staff is excited about the many ways the new website can help us serve our patrons. The site is a window into all that BPL has to offer." 

Sarah Underhill continued:  "We were so fortunate to have Lis Herbert as our designer. Having grown up in Bronxville (Lis is Jayne Warman's daughter), she understands and appreciates the unique qualities of our village and library. The trustees feel she has captured the essence of the library with her graceful, clean design."

Explore the site, Bookmark it to your favorites. Check in frequently, as there will always be new recommendations, programs, and things you can learn about books and libraries.

And then head over to the corner of Pondfield and Midland!

Pictured here:  The new logo for the Bronxville Public Library.