Christ Church Photographer Ken Richardson Turns Professional Print

Dec. 18, 2013: Ken Richardson, known to many Bronxville residents for his photographic body of work capturing life at Christ Church over the last few years, recently announced his plans to take his camera outside, making his services available to the public.

When questioned about setting up shop in Southern Westchester, a market already overburdened with professional photographers, Richardson explained his decision. "Well, I just bought a new camera, so I'm pretty sure that makes me better than anyone else."

The name of his new endeavor, "Photos by Ken Richardson" ( was chosen to reflect the credit a photojournalist receives beneath his work when published in a newspaper or magazine. Richardson's training was, at one point, under the guidance of legendary photographer Gordon Parks, and he is more into photojournalism than portraiture. Richardson added, "I thought my name should be in the title so people would know I was the one behind the lens. I mean, 'Photos by George Clooney' might be better for business, but I think people would be disappointed when he didn't show up."

Richardson is, in fact, somewhat brighter than he'd have you believe. A graduate of Williams College, he has been a writer and photographer for close to twenty years. He has documented subjects ranging from a sunset on a beach in Hawaii to the life of the poor in Malawi, from a performance by Young at Arts to the plight of the homeless in New York.

"There really are a lot of talented photographers in our area. What I hope to bring with me, whether I'm catching a moment of a family at play, or a bride making those last minute adjustments, or the disbelief on the face of someone whose life has been forever changed by the few hours of an indifferent storm--what I'm always searching for is the photo that tells an entire story in one frame, the one shot that brings you in and makes you a part of what's going on."

Photos by Ken Richardson