Bronxville School Construction Update Print

By Staff

Jun. 3, 2020: Anyone driving by the Bronxville School these days will notice that the school is under construction. This construction relates to a $28.3 million capital improvement project primarily financed by two bond issues.

The school completed Phase 1 of the capital improvements in September of 2019. These improvements include:

New turf on Chambers Field and a new track (pictured below)

Updated Elementary School playground (pictured below)


Phase 1 also included the all-important flood mitigation pumps needed to alleviate flooding around the school and the replacement of ceiling tiles in the Elementary School playroom.

The school is now in Phase 2 of the capital improvement projects.  

The Phase 2 projects include:

A new storm drain on Meadow Avenue. This project has been completed.

Expansion of the cafeteria. Below are pictures of the current cafeteria under construction and a rendering of the new cafeteria.

Current Cafeteria Under Construction

Rendering of Completed Cafeteria


Phase 2 also includes the expansion of the High School lobby on Meadow Avenue, the addition of modern classroom space on the third floor above the Blue Gym,and the addition of a Guidance Wing.

The new High School lobby will have a lounge area and a security area with a "man trap," where people entering the building can be isolated and vetted before being granted entrance.

Below is a photo of the current construction on the Meadow Avenue entrance and renderings of the completed entrance and the new lobby.

Meadow Avenue under Construction


Rendering of New entraince on Meadow Avenue


Rendering of the New High School Lobby


Another project underway under Phase 2 is a new Innovation Center (rendering below), which will be located in an old boiler room. The Innovation Center will be a space for robotics, 3D design and printing, and other innovative projects.


The school is also creating a new Health Suite that is double the size of the existing space.  The new Health Suite will include an isolation room.

As part of Phase 2, the school is replacing the "curtain wall" on the Elementary School building. The curtain wall, which is 50 to 60 years old, will be replaced with brick to match the exterior of the rest of the building.

Existing curtain wall

Interior work in classroom to prepare for removal of curtain wall

The school is also installing HVAC in a large portion of the building, including the library (pictured below). The Library was also updated this past year with funds raised by the PTA. The updates include new carpeting, a glass wall along the corridor that provides a view into the Library, and the restoration of the original woodwork and book casing  

When the construction project is completed, the entire building will be air conditioned either with the new HVAC or with window units in some classrooms.

There are several maintenance projects in Phase 2 as well. For example, the main entrance to the school (pictured below) is in disrepair and is being reconstructed. There will also be roof replacements in some areas, brick repointing, and lintel repairs.


Dan Carlin, Bronxville School Assistant Superintendent for Business, reports that Phase 2 of the capital improvement project is currently ahead of schedule. Due to COVID-19 and an empty building, work has been able to progress at an accelerated pace. Carlin is hopeful that the lions share of the work will be completed by the fall.

Pictured at top: Construction on Meadow Avenue side of the Bronxville School.

Photo of new Track and Field by N. Bower

Other photos courtesy the Bronxville School.