New Casual Mexican Eatery Has Opened in Bronxville Print


By Karen Talbot

Apr. 24, 2019:  A new casual Mexican eatery has opened in Bronxville. It highlights a variety of tacos and is aptly called The Taco Project

The restaurant has lively décor and lighting. There are five small tables with chairs that seat two people; the other choice of seating is on small stools scattered along one wall where you eat at counter spaces. You order your food, pay for it at the counter, and when it’s ready, it is brought to you by a member of the wait staff, usually very quickly, so much so that some of the food was not as hot as it should have been. Overall, the restaurant has a fast-casual feel.

I went to The Taco Project for dinner with a friend and the food arrived within ten minutes. For starters, we ordered guacamole, Taco Project salsa, and rice and beans. We enjoyed our guacamole and salsa with very good homemade tortilla chips. 

For mains, we had shrimp tacos and classic beef tacos. The shrimp tacos were tempura-battered shrimp topped with mango salsa, tomatillo sauce, cilantro, and radish served on a soft corn tortilla and were very good. The classic beef tacos with seasoned ground beef, topped with cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, lettuce, and sour cream, were served on a hard-shell corn tortilla. Other taco choices include chicken, fish, steak, chorizo, pork belly, and veggie, all of which come two to an order and are priced from $8.45 to $9.95. All of the food, including the guacamole and salsa, is on the mild side.  

Other menu items include quesadillas, salads, burritos, and burrito bowls, all served in generous portions. You can order vino by the glass in white, red, or rosé or cervezas and Taco Project sangria by the glass or pitcher, along with Mexican Coke, Sprite, iced tea, plain water, or Jarritos, flavored sparkling water.

Because of the small tables, counter seating, and fast-casual feel, The Taco Project may be more of a lunch than a dinner place. It's also good for take-out and has a nice catering menu.  

Photo by K. Talbot