Joe Houlihan: Six Reasons Why the Holiday Season Is Good Time to Put Your Home on the Market Print

Written by Joe Houlihan, Managing Partner, Houlihan & O'Malley Real Estate

Dec. 3, 2014: When it comes time to put their homes on the market, many sellers think they should wait until after the holidays. However, there are unexpected advantages to listing your home now rather than waiting until the new year.

  1. Motivated Buyers
    'Tis the season! There may be fewer buyers looking, but those who are tend to want to close before the end of the year. Homes often sell faster during the holidays, and for more money. Plus, there's always that buyer who wants to give the ultimate of a new home to a loved one!

  2. Less Competition
    Because the holidays can be hectic, sellers often feel they can't handle trying to show their home and juggle everything else, so they take the home off the market or wait until the new year. This means that supply drops significantly, making the houses remaining on the market that much more attractive to buyers.

  3. Lower Interest Rates
    Historically, interest rates are cyclically lower from December through January, making it a more appealing time to buy. Additionally, the Fed has held interest rates at zero for nearly six years, and projections for 2015-2016 show that these rates will start to increase.

  4. Tax Breaks
    Selling now gets you the gift that keeps on giving--a tax break. If you close before the end of the year, you could be eligible for tax breaks and credits, including deductions for real estate taxes, PMI premiums, and home mortgage interest.

  5. Top-Notch, Faster Service
    The stores may be packed, but your Realtor, title companies, banks, and lenders are probably not so busy, so you're more likely to be top priority. Plus, many potential homebuyers have time off from work during the holidays, giving them ample time to search for their new home.

  6. Your Home Looks Beautiful
    You can capitalize on the joy of the season by making your home warm and inviting with cheerful, tasteful holiday decorations and festive aromas, such as spiced cider simmering on the stove or freshly baked cookies just out of the oven. This will appeal to the emotions of buyers, leaving them with a memorable impression.

Picture here: Joseph Houlihan, managing partner at Houlihan & O'Malley, 133 Parkway Road, Bronxville. He can be reached in his office at 914-337-7888 or on his cell at 914-645-6640 or by email at CLOAKING

Photo courtesy Laura Mogil