Excavation for Kensington Road Development Anticipated to Begin within Four Weeks Print

Aug. 27, 2014: Bronxville residents can expect to see increased activity at the Kensington Road development site after Labor Day, according to Jim Carnicelli, vice president of The Gateway Development Group, Inc., and Neil DeLuca, Gateway's community liaison. They estimate that within four weeks trucks will begin to remove contaminated soil from the site.

"As you can imagine," DeLuca said, "we've been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work, just in preparation, because we only get one chance at this and it has to be perfect." He added that, although the project is approximately six weeks behind its ideal schedule, Gateway is proceeding at a slow pace in this initial phase of pre-excavation and pre-construction work to "err on the side of caution."

According to Carnicelli, the developer has filed its remedial action work plan with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, which outlines Gateway's plans for removing approximately 20,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil from the site. The Kensington Road parcel was the site of the Lawrence Park Heat, Light and Power and a gas station. Another 10,000 yards of uncontaminated soil, as well as 10,000 cubic yards of rock, will be removed from the site to enable excavation for a 300-space parking garage.

DeLuca stated that Gateway will perform a "pre-blast" before beginning the actual blasting to remove the rock. The company will share its findings with the village and Metro-North Railroad to gauge the effects on the surrounding areas. Blasting will be done under the guidance of the police and fire departments. "We're going to make sure it's safe before we go ahead," DeLuca said.

He added that, in preparation to excavate the site, asbestos abatement for the remains of a garage building on the site has been completed and the building will be torn down. Before blacktop is taken up, parking meters and concrete retaining walls will be removed.

DeLuca pointed out that also prior to removing the blacktop for excavation, Gateway must satisfy the requirements of Metro-North Railroad at the north end of the parcel and the One Pondfield building at the parcel's south end.

The developer will build an emergency easement, a temporary roadway, to provide Metro-North Railroad access to its switching equipment.

With the discovery that all of the utilities for One Pondfield enter the building's foundation from under the Kensington parcel, Gateway will reroute those utilities during the excavation and construction period and restore the same level of service the building currently has at the completion of construction. Gateway also found that a ramp at the rear of the One Pondfield building, which must be taken down for the project, is the emergency exit from the building's upper floors. DeLuca indicated that village officials will meet with the Eastchester Fire Department to determine emergency exit replacement requirements.

Pictured here:  Construction barriers at the Kensington Road development project. 

Photo by A. Warner