Pet of the Week: Sophie, with Sky-Blue Eyes that Dazzle Print


By Allison Roesser

Jun. 19, 2019: Sophie is a gorgeous chocolate brown 10-pound, 10-week-old spaniel mix with a fearless character and a boundless personality.

Her sky-blue eyes are dazzling beyond words and her silky coat is as soft as an angel's wings.

This girl is a real dynamo and is always ready for action. She will play with anyone who will play with her no matter its size or species. After having fun, she crashes hard and will cuddle into you and sleep until her next adventure.

Sophie is crate trained, house trained when kept on a schedule, comes when she is called, and sleeps through the night. She is currently living in a foster home and ready for immediate adoption.

If you would like to meet Sophie, please fill out an application with A New Chance Animal Rescue ( or visit