Pet of the Week: Molly Meow Print

By Allison Roesser

Feb. 27, 2019: Molly Meow is a two-year-old kitty who appeared out of nowhere on someone's doorstep. At first, they thought she might be pregnant, but as it turns out, Molly is just big-boned and does enjoy her kibble.

Miss Meow is extremely submissive and often gets pushed out of the way at playtime so she doesn't always get her much-needed exercise. She loves to groom and be groomed by the calmer cats in the foster home where she lives and manages to do a stellar job of staying clear of the dominant felines who rule the roost.

Molly Meow will greet you at the door just like a dog would. She has welcomed every adopter who has come by, but she always seems to be overlooked because she is a typical short-hair tabby/tuxedo kitty ... what they don't see is that her personality is so much more.

She loves to sleep upside down and climb on top of you for a snuggle in bed. Even if you move her off of you, she will climb right back up until her cuddle quota has been met.

So full of goodness, Molly is just an all-around gentle lady who wants nothing more than to have a family of her own to love.

Molly has tested negative for fiv/felv and she is spayed and is current on her vaccinations. Her adoption donation is $85. For more information, please call 914-713-8649 or email CLOAKING