Alessio Ian Manti Dies October 16, 2018; Memorial Service in Scarsdale November 10 Print


By the Family

Nov. 7, 2018:  Alessio Ian Manti died on October 16, 2018, in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Alessio and his mother, Janis Cohen, moved to Bronxville in June of 1996. Alessio was born in Rome and lived in Milan with his Italian father, Gaetano Manti, and his mother, Janis. Janis, Alessio, and Violetta (their white boxer, who never spoke English) moved to America when he was nearly six.

Everyone in Bronxville knew Alessio as Alex. He wanted to fit in--it wasn't until he went to Choate in 2006 that he went back to his birth name, Alessio. It was a new beginning and his hope for the start of a new life.

He was a most beautiful man, physically and mentally. He had the highest EQ ever. He was also Mensa, with a photographic memory. His heart was bigger than life--he felt passion and pain in ways that others could never understand. He left a legacy of love and life. He touched souls everywhere. I hope he touched yours.  

Following Alessio's graduation from Choate, he attended and graduated from Northwestern, then attended the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC while working. He started graduate school in the Netherlands in 2018.  

He suffered from brilliance and mental health issues. He struggled for ten years. He lost his battle in October of 2018--he was returning home to Bronxville to try to find a new path moving ahead.   

Alessio's dream was to start a not-for-profit that he, his mother, and his friend and attorney began a business plan for in October of this year. It is now called Alessio's Glad House. Alessio's goal was to raise awareness of mental health, to destigmatize it, and to ensure that everyone has health care coverage and a voice, support, and care. Please join me in honoring my son Alessio and realizing his dream to help others find an outcome different than his. Please become a part of the solution; it is time to do so.    

A memorial service will be held at the Scarsdale Community Baptist Church at 2:00 pm on November 10, 51 Popham Road, Scarsdale, NY.