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By Charlotte Haims, Member, The Reformed Church of Bronxville

Dec. 12, 2018:  The 104th annual Bronxville Christmas Pageant takes place at 5:30 pm on Christmas Eve. As always, the pageant will feature a reenactment of the nativity scene with participants from the community and live animals.

There will be readings by the Bronxville clergy from seven local churches. Carols will be led by Dale Walker, accompanied by the brass players of the Bronxville Pops Concert Band. This is Dale Walker’s silver anniversary leading the village in singing carols.  

In addition, there will be the ringing of the tower bells and singing by an “Invisible Choir.” Anyone can participate in the Invisible Choir; just arrive 15 minutes early at 5:15 pm for a brief practice. 

The pageant is dependent entirely on donations from the community.

Below is the full cast for the 2018 pageant

Nativity Scene
Mary:  Lily Vorbach, 12th, Church of St. Joseph
Joseph:  Timothy McGrath, 12th, Church of St. Joseph
Manger Angel:  Mabel Arrighi, 4th, Church of St. Joseph

Caroline Spitz, 12th, The Reformed Church of Bronxville
Katherine Moynihan, 12th, The Reformed Church of Bronxville
Norah Foley, 12th, Christ Church Bronxville
Anna Normand, 12th, The Reformed Church of Bronxville
Sophie Cappello, 11th, Christ Church Bronxville
Caroline Palermo, 10th, Church of St. Joseph
Olivia Conniff, 10th, Church of St. Joseph
Lorelei Heath, 10th, Village Lutheran Church
Caroline McGrath, 10th, Church of St. Joseph
Cate Spitz, 9th, The Reformed Church of Bronxville
Erin Foley, 9th, Christ Church Bronxville

Shepherd Boys  
Peter Vorbach 
Brendan McGrath 
Dan Johnson

Wise Men  
Timothy McGrath Sr. 
Paul Shoemaker 
Michael Sands

Pictured here: A detail from a stained-glass window at The Reformed Church of Bronxville.

Photo by A. Warner

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