Spring Cleaning Takes Place at Bronxville Nature Preserve Print

By Nancy Vittorini, Member, Steering Committee, The Nature Preserve

May 20, 2015:  Despite cloudy skies and a few raindrops, a group of nature lovers--better said, Nature Preserve lovers--arrived bright and early on Saturday morning, May 16, ready to spruce up a treasured parcel of land at the corner of Archer and Crawford roads.

Once a leaf dump, this green space has been gradually transformed into a natural sanctuary for indigenous plants, trees, and wildlife. It is also intended for those humans whose lives are a little wild and who are in need of some peace and quiet!

Old and young alike pitched in for the spring cleanup, which was coordinated by Joe Saad, leader of the preserve's steering committee.

Alannah Quinn, Lindsey Mascia, Sofia Read, and Elena Read, young ladies from Eastchester Girl Scout Troop #2512 led by Jennifer Read, attacked the perimeter of the preserve and energetically filled a number of bags with debris that had accumulated over the long, cold winter.

In the meantime, John Morris, aided by Carlo Vittorini, trimmed hedges, while Declan Considine, a sophomore at Holy Cross, shoveled to re-set posts that had been upended by a recent car accident. He also planted a fir to complete a symmetrical design lining the path between Archer and Ridgecroft roads.

Gary Reetz, new chairman of the Bronxville Beautification Council and longtime Nature Preserve supporter, put his horticultural know-how to work on various tasks throughout the property, assisted by Brian Redican and Bill Fredericks, treasurer of The Nature Preserve's steering committee.

Nature Preserve visionaries Vicki and Si Ford were on hand to hack away at stubborn vines (that would eventually strangle trees) and review the work of the nursery Nature's Cradle in Olivia's Butterfly Garden--named for the former Eastchester councilwoman--at the corner of the property.

The old adage "many hands make light work" ruled the day, and within a few hours, The Nature Preserve appeared neat and trimmed and ready to delight the residents of Bronxville, Eastchester, and Tuckahoe.

Pictured here:  Participants in the annual Nature Preserve spring cleanup.  

Photo courtesy Nancy Vittorini, Member, Steering Committee, The Nature Preserve