Blue Atlas Cedar Tree Gifted to Village by Almstead Tree Company Print

By Marie Jensen, Vice President, Bronxville Beautification Council

May 20, 2015:  In honor of National Arbor Day (April 24), the Bronxville Beautification Council (BBC) received a special gift from the Almstead Tree & Shrub Care Company--a blue Atlas cedar (cedrus atlantica glauca).

The tree was planted on the southwest bank of Bronxville's railroad underpass. It replaces two diseased trees that were safety hazards, an old sycamore maple and its younger companion.   

The five-year-old blue Atlas cedar will grow to be an 80-foot specimen tree, providing additional beauty to the village underpass area. Over the years, working with the BBC, Almstead has donated many hours of pruning for beautification purposes in the Bronxville business district.

Pictured here:  Gary Reetz, president of the BBC, and Mike Marks, managing arborist for Almstead.

Photo courtesy Almstead Tree & Shrub Care Company