Bronxville Farmers' Market Has Another New Vendor--Pie Lady & Son Print

Written by Mary Liz Mulligan, Market Manager, Bronxville Farmers' Market

Sep. 17, 2014: Another vendor new to the Bronxville Farmers' Market (BFM) this season is Pie Lady & Son.

When you slice into an apple pie from the Pie Lady & Son, you might get a quick burst of nostalgia you weren't expecting. It brings back memories of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Pie Lady & Son is literally a mom-and-son operation. Originally selling homemade pies and baked goods from their home's back porch in Upper Nyack, they are continuing the same homemade baking tradition that the Pie Lady (aka "Mom" to Wil Tyler, now the owner, baker, and master of all) opened in 1996.

A sign on the corner telephone pole led customers directly to their door, and little by little Wil's mom became known as the "Pie Lady of Nyack." Success proved to be too much for her to handle alone, and after several years, Mom closed the shop and moved to upstate New York. Then two years ago she and Wil started working together to resurrect the pie business. Wil manages the business, but Mom is still in charge of the baking. Along with staff, Wil does get his hands into the pie dough, too, but always following Mom's recipes and instructions!    

Current baked goods are all created on-site with the same basic ingredients that generations before used to make the perfect pie--unbleached flour, cane sugar, sweet butter, a bit of salt, and plenty of fresh fruit--this token American dessert has a delightfully flaky crust over sweet and sticky warm apples. A variety of pies, using the fresh fruit that is currently in season, is available in seven- or ten-inch sizes.

Pie Lady & Son recently opened its small retail shop in Nyack and is currently in four farmers' markets and has a tremendous, faithful following. When checking our Facebook page, there is most likely a fan posting raves about Pie Lady & Son and how happy they are that it is now part of the BFM family.

It doesn't get more American than this!

Pictured here: The Pie Lady and her son, Wil.

Photo courtesy Wil Tyler