Introducing Two New Vendors at Bronxville Farmers' Market: Jake's Cakes and True Food Print

Jun. 11, 2014:  Meet the new vendors at the Bronxville Farmers' Market:

Jake's Cakes:  One of our several new vendors is Jake's Cakes. Owner and baker Kathy Askildsen and her husband worked their organic farm in Pine Bush for ten years, but demands of raising and providing for their four children forced them to leave the farm and move upstate. Their children were all homeschooled, and three went on to reputable colleges. 

About eight years ago, their younger son, Jake, was diagnosed with autism. In attempting to get all aspects of Jake's behavior under control and trying out many theories, they went to a gluten-free and dairy-free diet for Jake, and the change was astonishing.

Kathy joined the Palisades Farmers' Market bringing her gluten-free items. Besides baked goods, there is also applesauce made from The Orchards of Concklin's apples, vegan beet hummus, spinach dip, and much more.

Another baker in the family is Jake, himself, who helps his mom every Friday to prepare all the goods brought to the Bronxville Farmers' Market.

Jake sometimes comes to the market, so please do stop by and maybe pick up a tip or two on gluten-free baking. Also, Kathy is happy to take order requests to be picked up the following week.

True Food:  The owner, chef Pamela Schulz, was a personal chef in Manhattan for many years. Finding that too demanding, Pam then shifted her focus and worked out of a commercial kitchen to prepare meals, ordered online, delivered daily to customers in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Pam moved to Rockland County and continued her Manhattan business for another two years and then shifted her catering business to Rockland County.

In 2009, Pam purchased a storefront in Nyack that has a "fast-casual" menu and is open seven days a week. Most of what True Food turns out is organic, and Pam does much of her sourcing from Blooming Hill Farm. True Food is attending six farmers' markets in Westchester, Bergen, and Rockland Counties.

True Food offers many innovative, healthy, and delicious salads, breakfast burritos, wraps, and new, creative items every week. 

Pictured here:  Kathy Askildsen of Jake's Cakes and Pamela Schulz of True Food.

Photos by Mary Liz Mulligan, Market Manager, Bronxville Farmers' Market