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Gung Hoe Gardener: Create a Floral Arrangement With Flowers & Foliage From Your Yard Print


By Neely Bower

May 6, 2020: Tori Samuel grew up in Bronxville and has been working for Winston Flowers in Boston as an event planner for many years. 

She was a junior member of the Boulder Ledge Garden Club and has given two floral lectures to the Club here in Bronxville at their open meetings at the Bronxville Library. 

In a video posted on the Winston Flowers Instagram page, Tori made this beautiful floral arrangement using flowers and foliage from her (and her neighbor's) yard.


You can do it too!

Just click on this link and it will take you to instagam. Click on the photo on Instagram to watch this video and give it a try!  Enjoy!

Pictured: Tori Samuel making a flower arrangement

Photos courtesy T. Samuel