Have You Noticed The New Crosswalks at Midland, Masterton and Crows Nest? Print


By Staff

Oct. 9, 2019: Have you noticed the new crosswalks at Midland Avenue, Masterton Road and Crows Nest Road in Bronxville?

According to Mayor Mary Marvin, the village has reconfigured this intersection to "better define the intersections, make crossing safer and reduce vehicle speed." A crossing guard will be at these intersections during school opening and closing hours.

The village's consulting engineer recommended the new design. It includes the relocation of the crosswalk on Masterton Road along with additional striping to reduce vehicle speed and better define the intersections.

It also includes the relocation of the crosswalk across Midland Avenue.  The old crosswalk had a stoplight. The new crosswalk will not.  According to Jim Palmer, Bronxville Village Administrator, the new crosswalk will have a Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon ("RRFB") which is activated when a pedestrian is about enter the crosswalk.  According to Palmer, "this is in compliance with New York State standards and is what’s appropriate for the intersection." 


New Crosswalk beween Masterton Road and Crows Nest Road and new striping

You also may have noticed there is a new green "walking person" painted near the bottom of Masterton Road.  The purpose of the "walking person" is to provide advance notice to motorists that they are approaching a crosswalk.


New green "walking person" near the bottom of Masterton Road

A police car was stationed at the new crosswalks for the past month to draw attention to the changes and slow the speed of vehicles.

According to Palmer, the initial feedback on this new design is "positive."  Some residents have expressed concern about the "'industrial' nature of the improvements." However, Palmer explained these residents are "overwhelmingly supportive" when they learn that the striping and reflective bollards "will be replaced with low plantings, a new sidewalk and curbing – as was the case with the improvements at Kensington and Sagamore."

Residents are encouraged to provide input on the design so that necessary changes can be incorporated into the final plan.  Emails can be sent to  CLOAKING .

Pictured at top:  New crosswalk across Midland Avenue

Photos by A. Warner