Westchester Mask Making Campaign Print

By Patricia O'Shaughnessy

Apr. 15, 2020: In collaboration with Plaza Park Interiors (Mamaroneck) and Amy Interiors (Eastchester), we are producing masks to donate to NY hospitals.

These masks are being used to extend the life of the N-95 masks by covering the masks. They are reusable. The hospitals are sanitizing and reusing their own supplies.

How can you assist? 

We are looking for 100% cotton fabric.

If you can volunteer services such as sewing or distribution, contact Morris Mayer. His cell # 917-414-9244.

If you want to make a financial donation to help these small workrooms with the cost of labor, please donate to compensate for the time and labor of the sewers of these two workrooms.

The net labor cost of each mask is approx $7.00

What does this mean?  Your $50 donation can help make approx 7 masks.
$100 = approx 15 masks
$200 = approx 30 masks
$500 = approx 70 masks

We need to keep our doctors and nurses safe so they could keep us safe!

Help in any shape and form counts!

Photo courtesy P. O'Shaughnessy

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