NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital Has New Scanning Machine that Takes Clear Pictures of the Heart Print


By Josefa Paganuzzi, Thompson & Bender for NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital

Mar. 27, 2019:  NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital’s clinical staff performed the hospital's first pyrophosphate scan. The scan is a non-invasive imaging technique used to take clear pictures of the heart.  Using a gamma camera, the nuclear medicine team initiated the procedure to determine if a patient had cardiac amyloidosis, a disorder caused by deposits of amyloid, an abnormal protein that invades and damages the heart resulting in its not working properly.

“This is a very serious condition and historically there wasn’t much we could to for a patient once amyloidosis was found," said Dr. Albert DeLuca, a board-certified cardiologist from Columbia who practices at NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital. “But with our research, technological advances, and new drugs on the market to treat this disease, we have elevated patient care and can now save more lives and give people a new lease on life,” added Dr. DeLuca.

Columbia researchers received a grant to study cardiac amyloidosis, which helped them pioneer a way to image the heart in search of this abnormal protein.

Photo courtesy NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital

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