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By Josefa Paganuzzi, Thompson & Bender, for NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital

Mar. 13, 2019:  Dr. Elan Goldwaser, a sports medicine specialist at NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital, delivered the opening keynote address at the Annual Westchester County Parks Staff Conference earlier this month. Dr. Goldwaser gave a talk to over 300 parks and recreation employees titled Masters of Our Own Health.

In his speech and the brief Q&A that followed, Goldwaser explained that daily exercise and good meal management can keep you living happier, healthier, and longer, with less pain. Here are some of the key recommendations from his speech.

  • Just get up and walk: 20 total minutes a day of walking boosts more than just your fitness level; heart, brain, lung, and almost all other organs benefit from exercise.  

  • With 150 minutes of weekly exercise, memory improves, digestive health speeds up, and you’ll start feeling better in all your joints. 

  • 5% weight loss is all it takes to stop the progression of arthritis and reduce pain in your joints. 

  • To help lose weight, aside from exercise, cutting out 500 calories a day will lead to a loss of 1 pound a week. That’s as easy as eliminating a couple of cans of soda or bags of chips. 

  • By cutting out the junk food and doing small daily walks, not only can we start reversing serious illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, but we will live longer, healthier, and pain-free lives.

Photo courtesy Josefa Paganuzzi, Thompson & Bender, for NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital

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