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Bronxville Chief of Police Responds to Letter from Schatze Thorp about Pedestrians in Danger PDF Print Email


By Staff

Dec. 5, 2018:  Last week’s MyhometownBronxville included a letter from Schatze Thorp about concerns over dim lighting and dangerous conditions for pedestrians walking from the train station because cars cannot easily see them. She recommended that reflectors be available near the train station. Click here to see the full letter.

Christopher Satriale, Bronxville chief of police, responded to this letter saying that reflectors are available. He said, “The Bronxville Police Department provides reflective arm- and wristbands free of charge for pedestrians and joggers. Stop by the police department anytime and see the desk officer.”

The picture above is of a black jacket with a yellow reflector around the upper arm. These reflectors stretch out flat and then spring into a closed round position. They can be kept in a handbag or briefcase and taken out when needed, such as when leaving the train. You can pick one up at the Bronxville Police Station.

Photo by S. Clifford

Letter to the Editor: Schatze Thorp on Bronxville Pedestrians in Danger PDF Print Email


To the Editor:

Nov. 28, 2018:  My reason for writing is to make the community aware of the danger of pedestrian injuries in our westside neighborhood from lack of street lighting. This is something I have witnessed since my husband and I moved into Stoneleigh Plaza 20 years ago.

The lights are dim and cannot illuminate the commuters leaving the train, most of whom are dressed in dark clothing, and so drivers really cannot see them at all. The pedestrians have no idea they are in danger, and those in the car are busy going where they are going. A major accident is waiting to happen.

My solution:  Have strips of light reflectors to put on shoes, coats, hats, whatever, available to passengers as they depart the train, in a big box with big signs. This would not be costly and certainly would be worth a try. Before we have a tragedy.

Schatze Thorp

Editor's note:  MyhometownBronxville does not fact-check statements in letters to the editor, and the opinions do not necessarily reflect the thinking of its staff. Its objective in publishing letters to the editor is to give air to diverse thoughts and opinions of residents in the community.


A Big Thank-You from the PTA for Supporting Homecoming PDF Print Email


By Linda Pagano, Bronxville Parent and Member of the Bronxville PTA Athletic Council

Oct. 24, 2018:  The “Broncos Together” initiative was born of the PTA Athletic Council’s desire to renew the spirit and widen the collective that is a Bronxville Bronco..

This past week was Bronxville’s homecoming week, and Bronco supporters were out in full force. The game day flags and feather flags were up and proudly waving, and game night lights were in position on the field in anticipation of upcoming games. And for the first time, homecoming week banners hung in the Bronxville business district, reaching out to the Bronxville community, inviting everyone to be a part of the spirit that is Homecoming. 

Athletes, students, family, faculty, alumni, fans, and neighbors all joined in celebrating homecoming, and the Bronxville PTA Athletic Council would like to thank the Bronxville community, including everyone who donated time, energy, products, and services to an amazingly well-attended and exciting homecoming Week celebration.

Thank you to the local business donors for the incredibly generous and delicious food donations to the Bronco Barn & Grill, including the Eastchester Odyssey Diner, Lange's Delicatessen of Bronxville, Mini's Prime Meats & Specialties, Park Place Bagels, and Scarborough Fair. These delicious meals were enjoyed by all of the Bronco fans in the stands and helped raise money to support the Athletic Council programs throughout the year. Thanks to Pete’s Park Place Tavern and Gino’s Pizzeria & Restaurant for offering team dinners to the winners of spirit competitions during homecoming. The PTA Athletic Council is so grateful for your generosity!

With over 35 homecoming journal business advertisers, the Athletic Council extends its thanks and appreciation to all the loyal supporters of our Bronco teams and programs:

Achieve Physical Therapy & Performance Enhancement
Arthur Lange, Inc.
Blackbird Creative Services
Blue Moon Mexican Cafe
Bronxville Adult School
Bronxville Chamber of Commerce
The Bronxville School Foundation
Bronxville PTA
Bronxville Sports Physical Therapy
Bronxville Stationers
Community Fund of Bronxville Eastchester Tuckahoe
Concordia College Clipper Athletics Program
Continental 109
Eastchester Odyssey Diner
The Funeral Home of Fred H. McGrath & Son Inc.
Gino’s Pizzeria & Restaurant
Green Grass Real Estate
harry A Rothmans Project Men’s Store
Houlihan Lawrence
Julia B. Fee/Sotheby’s International Realty
Katie’s Run, Annual Katie Welling Memorial Run/Walk
Ladle of Love
Lange’s of Bronxville
Leiwko Imaging Art
Louis De Chiarro Salon
Mini’s Prime Meats & Specialties
NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital
Park Place Bagels
Pepe Auto Group
Pete’s Park Place Tavern
Playa Bowls Bronxville
Pro Sports Physical Therapy
Pure Barre Bronxville
Quickstrike Patriots FC
Scarborough Fair Catering/SF Express
Soccer & Rugby Imports
The Silk Road
Underhills Crossing Restaurant
Value Drugs

We extend our gratitude to the business advertisers as well as to the Bronxville Chamber of Commerce for their generous support and help with our new homecoming week banners.

To all the volunteers who made homecoming an incredible success manning the Bronco Barn & Grill, shifts for the PTA semi-annual apparel sale, and all of the behind-the-scenes planners of the homecoming week celebration, we are very grateful and appreciate all the work and time you put in to support the PTA Athletic Council and the Bronxville School community of fans and athletes! We could not do this without you, a million thanks!

And finally, the Athletic Council would like to thank Karen PetersonDawn HartsonAnthony Vaglica, and the amazing grounds team of the Bronxville Athletic Department for their selfless dedication to the Bronxville School athletes and the PTA Athletic Council during all of the homecoming festivities.

The generosity by so many in the Bronxville community enables the Athletic Council to raise funds to support all of the programs that will continue to complement the Bronxville Athletic Program throughout the year, such as game day flags, bonfire night, homecoming game lights, food truck night, spirit T-shirts, banners, the parade of athletes, pep rallies, and spirit week.

The PTA Bronxville Athletic Council is so proud of this year's accomplishments and success of homecoming seek. Thank you!

Photos by Daryl Schnepp

Editor's note: As a public service, MyhometownBronxville publishes articles from local institutions, officeholders, and individuals. MyhometownBronxville does not fact-check statements therein, and any opinions expressed therein do not necessarily reflect the thinking of its staff


Letter to the Editor: Bill Gaston on Congressman Eliot Engel PDF Print Email


To the Editor:

May 16, 2018:  Last month, a gaudy flyer arrived in my mailbox from our Congressman, Eliot Engel, who is running for re-election this year, as he has every two years since he was first elected in 1988. In the flyer, Mr. Engel boasts of all the progressive legislation he has sponsored, on issues from health care and gun control to climate change and LGBT rights. On his busy laundry list of achievements, however, I noticed one curious omission:  foreign policy. 

Congressman Engel has carved out foreign policy as one of his areas of expertise, and he currently serves as the ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Why would the Congressman leave out one of his signature areas of accomplishment? Facing a Democratic primary on June 26, does he think his constituents wouldn’t care? 

Prompted by that mailer, a troubling thought dawned on me: perhaps Congressman Engel doesn’t want his voters to know his record on foreign policy. Is that why he has kept them in the dark?  Keep in mind that if Democrats regain control of the House in 2018, Congressman Engel would likely become chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee. What would that mean in terms of US foreign policy, especially as it affects the Middle East? With a combustible president like Donald Trump in the White House, surrounded by hawkish advisors, who really knows?

On Capitol Hill, however, Congressman Engel’s record is well known, and it is not one progressives should applaud. Over the course of 30 years, Engel has displayed an exuberant faith in the blessings of liberal interventionism. That doctrine--barely distinguishable from its failed cousin neoconservatism--has saddled us with costly and destructive misadventures in Iraq, endless belligerence when it comes to Iran, and reflexive support for Israel in its never-ending occupation of Palestinian lands, expansionist settlement policies, and human rights violations. 

Lest we forget, Congressman Engel supported the invasion of Iraq in 2002, widely considered the biggest foreign policy blunder of recent times. He also forcefully opposed President Obama’s 2015 JCPOA (the Iran deal), which president Trump rashly exited last week, to the consternation of our European allies, and which had successfully closed off all plausible paths to an Iranian nuclear weapon. On Syria, he has favored aggressive military action, even without Congressional authorization. On resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Congressman Engel pays lip service to a two-state solution. In practice, however, he has been one of the biggest cheerleaders for the hard-right agenda of AIPAC, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee.  IPAC opposed the JCPOA, supports settlements, and lobbies for billions of dollars annually from US taxpayers to strengthen Israel’s already enormous military-industrial advantage in the region. At a recent Bronxville Village meeting, the Congressman bragged to his constituents that he had attended the annual AIPAC meeting 31 years in a row. Is that something he should be proud of?

To return to my question, should voters care about Congressman Engel’s foreign policy track record? Should this potential chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee be held to account? Actually, Democratic Party voters in the 16th Congressional District may soon have a chance to answer those questions. In a month’s time, Congressman Engel will face a primary contest from two challengers--Derickson Lawrence from Mount Vernon and Jonathan Lewis from Scarsdale. While foreign policy concerns may take a back seat to taxes and health care in this upcoming primary, voters should not overlook Congressman Engel’s horrid foreign policy resume. It is a matter of public record, and immensely consequential.

Bill Gaston   

Editor's note:  MyhometownBronxville does not fact-check statements in letters to the editor, and the opinions do not necessarily reflect the thinking of its staff. Its objective in publishing letters to the editor is to give air to diverse thoughts and opinions of residents in the community.

Letter to the Editor: A. Corwin Frost on Upholding Spirit of Community PDF Print Email


To the Editor:

May 9, 2018:  Mary Marvin's plea to “uphold the spirit of community that makes Bronxville special” deserves special notice and appreciation.

As a third-generation Bronxvillian (my grandfather Corwin moved here in 1917), Mayor Marvin's beautifully written piece captures what sets Bronxville apart. Following my family's tradition, I have spent the better part of 83 years in the community and have had the privilege of participating in countless boards and committees. 

Because of the caliber of other residents with whom I have served, it has always been both a pleasure and a valuable learning experience, marked by professionalism and solid values, and uncomplicated by partisanship.

I hope that others will continue in that tradition.

A. Corwin ("Corky") Frost
Former Chair of Bronxville Planning Board and Architectural Review Board

Editor's note:  MyhometownBronxville does not fact-check statements in letters to the editor, and the opinions do not necessarily reflect the thinking of its staff. Its objective in publishing letters to the editor is to give air to diverse thoughts and opinions of residents in the community.

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