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Bronxville Government and History

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Bronxville Village Resident Bitten by a Raccoon; Residents Advised to Be Alert PDF Print Email


By Staff

Aug. 27, 2019:  The Village of Bronxville sent out the following notice by email today.

"On Sunday evening, a Ridge Road resident was bitten by a raccoon. Unfortunately, the raccoon was not caught.  While there have been no additional incidents reported to Police, please be alert and stay away from any raccoons and report any aggressive behavior to the Police Department immediately." 

"The Westchester County Health Department link below has helpful rabies prevention tips and what to do if you are bitten. Dogs should be kept on a leash and under direct supervision when outdoors.  click this link."

Photo by

Editor's note: As a public service, MyhometownBronxville publishes articles from local institutions, officeholders, and individuals.  MyhometownBronxville does not fact-check statements therein, and any opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the thinking of its staff. 

From the Mayor: Status of Projects Completed and Under Way in the Village PDF Print Email


By Mary C. Marvin, Mayor, Village of Bronxville

Jul. 31, 2019:  As is custom, this is my last column until post Labor Day.

For that reason, I want to update residents on what projects were undertaken over the summer months, their status, and what will continue into the fall.

Street Paving and Curbing

Paving has been completed on the length of Sagamore Road, all of Parkway Road, both Plateau Circle East and West, Sussex Avenue, and portions of Midland Avenue and Orchard Place. Following the installation of a new gas line by Con Edison, North Road and portions of Forest Avenue and Edgewood Lane will be paved by Labor Day.

Parkway Road Parking Lot

With the sale completed, the village took ownership and the lot now has 70 spaces as a result of the demolition of the abandoned gas station. The walkway to the Metro-North platform is completed as is landscaping. Charging stations and bike racks are still to be added. Residents may use the lot for dining or visiting in the area post commuter hours.

Lighting Near Metro-North Train Station

New teardrop fixtures have been ordered for the area around the west side circle and other locations including the crosswalk near Christ Church. They will be installed by mid-October.

Tennis Court Restoration

The project currently out to bid includes replacement of the hard surface and perimeter fencing for courts four and five and cameras for the surrounding park area.

Traffic improvements

Signal and sidewalk improvements for the intersection of Pondfield Road at Gramatan Avenue are currently out to bid.

New crosswalks, improved signage, and an electronic crosswalk system will be installed at the intersection of Kraft Avenue and Meadow Avenue near St. Joseph’s School.

Sanitary Sewer Repairs

Repairs to sections of the sewer line on Tanglewylde Avenue between Park and Midland will take place in August, necessitating some road closures.

Plantings and Parks

Refurbished planters were placed throughout the business district as a joint project with the Bronxville Beautification Council.

Walkway and lighting design are under way for Bacon Woods Park on Kensington Road.

Trees will be planted in downtown area, when weather permits, as a joint project with the Boulder Ledge Garden Club.

The Bronxville Historical Conservancy, partnering with the village, will soon landscape in the area surrounding the Kennedy Memorial and Giving Garden.

Capital Projects – Library and Public Works

We are currently reviewing bids for upgrades to the library’s HVAC system.

Phase I project to relocate salt storage shed, demolish existing shed, and create a new parking area will begin in the fall.

Railroad Underpass

The village will repair and replace on the limited portion that is village owned, including new handrails and sidewalk improvements.

Note:  Two bridge repair projects undertaken by Westchester County are currently in progress (Palmer Road Bridge) or slated to begin (Midland Avenue Bridge over Sprain Brook Parkway – Bronx River Parkway) this fall. We will share start and completion dates as we receive them from the county.

None of the above initiatives would have been possible without the incredible efforts of the village staff, village volunteers, and partnership organizations.

In terms of village government, I think of Labor Day as the start of a new year, so as we close out a chapter, I want to extend enormous thanks to our entire village team – the police department, the department of public works, the office staff, library staff, the Green Committee and Giving Garden group, and all the members of our volunteer committees including my incredibly dedicated fellow trustees.

Without the generous partnering with the Bronxville Beautification Council, the Bronxville Historical Conservancy, and the Boulder Ledge Garden Club, so many of our initiatives would not have been realized this year.

We live in a highly respectful, caring, and supportive community, and I am personally honored and humbled to be a part.

Photo by N. Bower 

Editor's note: As a public service, MyhometownBronxville publishes articles from local institutions, officeholders, and individuals. MyhometownBronxville does not fact-check statements therein, and any opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the thinking of its staff.


Events this Week in Bronxville: Wednesday, July 24, to Wednesday, July 31, 2019 PDF Print Email


By Staff

Jul. 24, 2019: Below are events that will take place in and around Bronxville from Wednesday, July 24, to Wednesday, July 31, 2019. For the Village of Bronxville calendar, 
click here. For events at the Bronxville Public Library, click here. For the Bronxville school district calendar, click here.

Wednesday, July 24, 7:00 pm to Thursday, July 25, 10:00 am, Parking on Palmer and Parkway Roads. There will be no parking on Palmer and Parkway Roads from 7:00 pm on Wednesday, July 24, to 10:00 am on July 25, as the roads will be milled and paved. Village Administrator Jim Palmer stated that parking will be available in the new Parkway Road Lot during these times.

Wednesday, July 24, and Wednesday, July 31, 8:00 pm, Bronxville Pops Concert, Front Lawn of Bronxville School. The Bronxville Pops Concert Band will be performing its third concert of the 2019 season on July 24 on the front lawn of the Bronxville School starting at 8:00 pm. Bring lawn chairs and food and wine and enjoy popular favorites. In the event of rain, the concert will be held in the auditorium of the school. The Bronxville Pops will perform its last concert of the season on July 31 at 8:00 pm on the front lawn of the school. For more information, email CLOAKING

Wednesday, July 24, Seminars, Support Groups, Group Meetings, and Classes at NewYork-Presbyterian. NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital will be holding a joint replacement seminar from 9:45 to 11:15 am in the hospital lobby conference room (to register, call 914-787-2119), an aphasia support group meeting from 2:00 to 3:00 pm led by a NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital speech therapist in the speech office in the Rehab Department on the first floor of Palmer Hall (to register, call Dahna Stadtmauer at 914-787-3373), and a blood drive from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital will be partnering with the New York Blood Center to host a blood drive across all of its campuses. The hospital’s goal is to collect 360 units of blood. 

Wednesday, July 24, 6:00 to 8:00 pm, Science Workshop, Cross County Shopping Center. There will be a free kids' interactive science workshop with Groundwork Hudson Valley in the center of the mall from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. This workshop is free and is geared toward children ages five and up. 

Photo by N. Bower

Editor's note
:  As a public service, MyhometownBronxville publishes notices about meetings of village government, the Bronxville Board of Education, and the board of trustees of the Bronxville Public Library. MyhometownBronxville does not independently research other events but will, at its discretion, consider including a notice of an event that will occur in Bronxville if information about the event is received by MyhometownBronxville (Sarah Thornton Clifford at  CLOAKING ) by noon on the Sunday before the subsequent Wednesday publication. These notices must not be advertisements; please send any requests for advertisements to Sarah Thornton Clifford at s CLOAKING .

Increased County Sales Tax Rate to Bring Revenue to Bronxville; Village Plans Repairs to Pondfield Road Underpass PDF Print Email


By Carol Bartold, Senior Reporter

Jul. 24, 2019: The Village of Bronxville stands to receive an extra 20 percent in sales tax revenue collected by Westchester County under a bill passed by state legislators in Albany and signed by
Governor Andrew Cuomo. Under the terms of the bill, Westchester County sales tax will increase by 1 percent on August 1. The raise from 7.35 percent to 8.35 percent is anticipated to bring $140 million in revenue to the county over the next year.

Westchester County Legislator Gordon Burrows, in his quarterly report to the Bronxville Board of Trustees on July 8, stated that the sales tax increase will be a means to help balance the county’s $1.9 billion budget. County Executive George Latimer, per Burrows, issued a promise to state legislators and Westchester County property owners that, with the passage of the bill, he would not act to increase county property tax levy for two years. “We’re going to hold him to his word,” Burrows said. “There will not be a [county] property tax increase in Bronxville for the next two years.”

Burrows pointed out that, typically, when counties and municipalities seek tax increases, they look to property owners for funding. “When you have a sales tax,” he said, “it’s on products, not property. A sales tax is more evenly funded by all rather than by only property owners.”

In other business, Village Administrator Jim Palmer updated improvement plans for the Metro-North Railroad underpass on Pondfield Road. Priority will be given to straightening, sanding, and painting support columns that the New York State Department of Transportation designated in need of repair.

Replacement of some sections of sidewalk as well as railings on both sides of the underpass is also included in the project. Palmer noted that some sections of the sidewalk are uneven and that one sidewalk slab on the north side of the street is capturing water during rains, compromising the condition of the underpass.

Mayor Mary Marvin pointed out that the village’s repairs will be “for naught” if Metro-North Railroad does not resolve leakage from the railroad’s trackbed. “That water is constant,” she said, “and it has caused the railings to rot.” She added that the village needs to exert pressure on the railroad to address the constant leakage.

The village also plans to install signage and reflective material to increase visibility of the underpass.

After a hiatus for August, the Bronxville Board of Trustees will meet on Monday, September 8, at 8:00 pm in the Trustees Room at Bronxville Village Hall.

Pictured here:  Bronxville Village Hall.

Photo by N. Bower 

From the Mayor: Whom to Contact for Power Outages, the Smell of Fire or Gas, and Suspicious Persons, Activities, and Packages PDF Print Email


By Mary C. Marvin, Mayor, Village of Bronxville

Jul. 24, 2019:  As the village recovers from what most now believe was a “microburst” during the recent storm on Wednesday night, our recap meeting offered many insights into process and procedures.

But first and foremost, I want to thank the exemplary human effort by our village police and public works departments and the Eastchester Fire Department. Their service, to a person, was professional, efficient, and compassionate. A thank-you also to all our affected residents who demonstrated their usual grace and kindness under pressure.

As an overarching government, we continue to strive to have the best response time for any villager in need of help.

To receive the most expeditious response both in terms of time and manpower, the following are some guidelines to help us out.

Power Outage

Per Con Edison’s protocol, the police desks cannot call in individual customer outages and do not receive any information from Con Ed as to the time frame for service restoration.

As a consequence, it is so important not to call the police desk at the onset of a power outage, as the phone lines need to be left open for 911 calls, medical dispatch, and power-related emergencies. Until additional officers can be called in, there is only one officer on dispatch duty to answer the five trunk lines and 911 lines.

As example, during one three-minute period at the onset of the recent storm, 75 calls were received reporting outages and asking if neighbors had power and/or when power would be restored. The desk officer had to be uncustomarily abrupt in order to leave lines open for emergencies where even seconds count.

As example, the dispatch officer had to get aid for a house fire and monitor seven locations where live wires were downed. Three additional officers arrived from their homes within 20 minutes of these incidents with another seven arriving within the hour.

If you do experience a power outage, immediately call 1-800-CONED or log on to their website. Con Ed requires each individual home to report, and knowing your neighbor reported their outage does not cover your home.

The Con Ed website is also the source of estimated power resumption time. What information we receive from Con Ed as a village is conveyed via our Swift Reach emergency alert phone, text, and email system. To sign up, go to website. On the police page, look for Emergency Alerts – Swift 911 and add your contact information.

During an outage, stay at home, as every downed wire should be prudently thought to be live. If you notice a wire down on your property, call 914-337-0500 or 911 immediately, again assuming it could be live. If in a car is under wires, remain in the vehicle and call 911.

As a corollary, our public works crews, though at the ready on duty, cannot begin tree or debris clean-up until Con Edison certifies that any nearby wires are not live.

Also, during a storm or wind event, please don’t be tempted to drive around and survey the damage, as added traffic can delay the response time to critical situations.

A call to neighbors, elderly or alone, has also helped in countless ways. Turning off air conditioning units, in particular, can also save subsequent damage if there should be a surge when power is restored.

The Smell of Fire or Gas

If you can smell gas, it is actually the chemical additive, as the gas is odorless. As our police desk responds to emergencies on both 914-337-0500 and 911, call the PD immediately from outside your residence. Do not make an effort to put out the fire; rather, exit immediately and our officer will call Con Ed and/or the Eastchester Fire Department.


If you believe someone has been in your home, do not enter and do not touch anything if exiting so as to preserve evidence and fingerprints. Call 911 from a neighbor’s phone or at a distance from your home.

Suspicious Persons/Activities/Packages

Never hesitate, if you notice something out of the norm, to call the police and let them decide if the activity is abnormal, as often time is of the essence and even a small delay has hampered apprehension.

Flood Water

If any amount of water has accumulated on a street, turn around and try another route. Flash flooding is aptly named and is truly flash in nature, and even a relatively small depth of water can carry a car away.

Gas Leaf Blowers

There is currently a suspension of the annual summer ban on their use for the next week because of the massive cleanup needed throughout the village.

Post moratorium, kindly call the regular police number, 914-337-0500, to report unauthorized use.

Photo by N. Bower 

Editor's note: As a public service, MyhometownBronxville publishes articles from local institutions, officeholders, and individuals. MyhometownBronxville does not fact-check statements therein, and any opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the thinking of its staff.

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