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Memorial Day 2020: Tribute to Veterans & Support For Local Businesses PDF Print Email


By Staff

May 25, 2020: Memorial Day in Bronxville is typically one of the community's biggest events and includes a fair with rides and food, a big parade, tributes to veterans, and lots of red, white, and blue decor. 

This year, due to COVID-19, the community could not be together, but this did keep Bronxvillians from honoring local veterans.


The Bronxville School held a Memorial Day Commemorative Program on YouTube.

Bronxville School Superintendent, Roy Montesano, presided over the program. He honored a number of extraordinary local veterans as well as the "heroes of today" - healthcare workers, first responders, and essential workers. He also recognized Bronxville staff and students who has served or are currently serving in the military.

Bronxville veteran Vito Pinto spoke about the sacrifices of veterans as well as the heroes of today. He also talked about how the class of 2020 had lost part of their traditions this year but that this was also true of the "greatest generation," many of whom dropped out of school to serve their country. The "greatest generation" ultimately became an inspiration to future generations.

The program also included two student speakers, student awards, and patriotic music. Click here to watch the full program. 


The Bronxville School PTA created the "BronxvilleTogether" Memorial Day program. This program included the opportunity to purchase a $50 tote that included a $25 gift card to support local restaurants and other items for a Memorial Day celebration. The program encouraged villagers to purchase food and drink from local participating businesses for their family BBQs.  

The program was a big success with nearly 400 bags sold. The PTA sold 300 and the Chamber of Commerce sold the balance. Within the totes were gift cards that total $10,000 and are redeemable at most stores in Bronxville. 

"It was a really fun way to mark the Memorial Day Holiday, create some community spirit and give back," said Suzette Sands, PTA President. "We were really not sure how things would go but the community enthusiastically embraced the effort."  

The Village honored village veterans who had passed away over the past year in a display on the corner of Midland and Pondifled and in an audio message sent on Memorial Day, May 25, 2020. 



In this message, Mayor Marvin and Chief of Police, Christopher Satriale, read the names of the honored veterans and Mayor Marvin quoted both Harry Truman, the 33rd President of the United States, and politician and diplomat, Adlai Stevenson as follows:

"Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country can never be repaid. They have earned our undying gratitude. America will never forget their sacrifices." Truman

"Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime." Stevenson



Below are the names of the Bronxville village veterans honored.

Vito Lucchesi, US Army

John B. Cascale Jr., US Army

Douglas H. Maynard, US Navy

Gerard K. Devine, US Army

William C. Petty III, US Navy

Wiliam L Ellis, Jr., US Naval Reserve

George M Rawlings, US Navy

Michael E. Fleming, US Navy

Thomas F. Ruhm, US Army

Peter W. Hartmann, US Army

Robert H. Shaw, Sr., US Army

Walter J Kenney, US Navy

Charles J. Urstadt, US Navy

George Lawrence, US Army

Douglas Wise, US Army

Click here to hear the full audio message.

Photos by A. Warner

Photo of the Week, Inspirational Quote & Events PDF Print Email


A rainbow over Bronxville

By Staff

May 27, 2020: MyhometownBronxville's inspirational quote this week is from Helen Keller.

"When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” Helen Keller 

Below is information about upcoming, ongoing, and postponed events. Please send event information to CLOAKING .

Upcoming and Ongoing Events

June 9, 2020:  School Budget Vote and Board Election. Voting is by absentee ballot only.  Click here to read more about the candidates.

Bronxville Farmers' Market is open on Saturdays from 8:30 to 1:00 PM. The Market has enhanced safety protocols. To control the traffic flow at the market, all shoppers must sign up for a shopping slot via an Eventbrite link which will go live every Tuesday at 6 p.m. The link will be on the Farmers Market Facebook page and in their weekly newsletter. If you would like to sign up for their newsletter, send an email to  CLOAKING The first two time slots are reserved for shoppers who are over 65 and/or whose immune system is compromised. 

Bicycle Sundays: Bicycle Sundays on the Bronx River parkway are on Sundays in May, June and September, except for Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend. Masks are recommended. Click here to learn more. 

Event Postponements

Take Back Day:  The Green Committee cancelled Take Back Day, originally scheduled for June 6. They hope to safely hold the next Take Back Day as planned on November 7. In the meantime, you’re encouraged to bring paper for shredding (up to four boxes), electronic waste, and other hazardous waste to the Household Materials Recovery Facility (H-MRF), 15 Woods Road, Valhalla. For details on what is accepted and to make an appointment, call 914-813-5400 or click here.

The Community Fund is postponed its annual golf outing to October 6, 2020.  For more information, contact Amy Korb, Executive Director, The Community Fund of Bronxville, Eastchester, and Tuckahoe at 914.337.8808.

The Counseling Center: In a spirit of solidarity, The Counseling Center postponed its gala benefit honoring Doug Cruikshank, originally scheduled for Friday, May 1st. We sincerely hope you can join us on the new date of Saturday, October 17, 2020 at the Bronxville Field Club. Meanwhile, be well!

Senior Citizens Council: Due to the current health crisis the Senior Citizens Council 50th anniversary benefit scheduled for April 23 was postponed until October 15. All plans continue to move forward. We wish all our neighbors good health in this trying time.

Gramatan Village:  The health and well-being of our community is of paramount importance to Gramatan Village. Given the rapidly changing environment, Gramatan Village decided to reschedule the May 14, 2020 May Magic event to May of 2021. 

Photo by N. Bower

From The Mayor: Heroes in Our One Square Mile PDF Print Email


By Mary Marvin, Mayor, Village of Bronxville

May 27, 2020: Webster defines a hero as a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. Their heroic acts are performed with recognition of the possible risks and costs, but they are outweighed by the concerns for others in need.

As we celebrate Memorial Day, we have to look no further than our own one square mile to find military heroes throughout the Village’s history. Examples abound:

-As a newly minted 1942 Bronxville High School graduate, Peter Ernsdale joined the 10th Mountain Division and was tasked to fight Germans on skis at night at Riva Ridge in Italy with only bayonets as weapons. Peter’s division won control of the pivotal passage, but he succumbed to wounds inflicted.

-Jesse Carter Treadwell of 43 Woodland Avenue was a World War II rescue swimmer who saved stranded and hyperthermic seamen from ships attacked by U-boats. He lost his own life when his rescue boat hit a mine, and a contemporary, Howard C. Shepherd, of 20 Argyle Place died on the battlefield at Iwo Jima after his platoon withstood 13 counter attacks.

-Another homegrown hero, Henry Russell Kenyon Jr., died at the battle of Midway flying his low slow torpedo runs, which knowingly left him a sitting target resulting in his death in the air. His bravery merited him the Navy Cross for “extraordinary heroism.”

-One of the most incredibly heroic local stories is that of Edwin Keeble Junior. He left Princeton to join the Marines during the Vietnam War and was a gunship escort pilot near the Laos border. He was shot down as he knowingly trained the enemy gunfire on his aircraft to divert it from the air ambulances filled with wounded soldiers.

-Sagamore Road resident Clifford Markel ended World War I in a German prison camp, yet with an incredible sense of duty, he volunteered to serve again after Pearl Harbor. Not one branch of the service would accept him due to lingering health issues as a result of being gassed by the Germans, so he volunteered as a field director for the Red Cross in North Africa where he was ambushed while rescuing people in the war zone.

-Right now, the Village is experiencing a new breed of heroes in our midst; doctors, nurses, first responders, and essential workers of every industry who serve us on a daily basis despite fear of contracting Covid19.

Given both the time of year when we honor our military heroes and the unprecedented challenges we are experiencing that spawned a new generation of heroes, it caused me to research exactly what characteristics or qualities make a hero? Is there a hero gene?

It is interesting that while researchers know a great deal about what causes people to perform acts described as evil, our understanding of what makes people heroes is not quite so clear.

Many researchers believe heroes possess a majority of what are called the “Great Eight” of traits: smart, strong, resilient, selfless, caring, charismatic, reliable, and inspiring. Other prototypical characteristics of heroes identified by research include bravery, moral integrity, courage, a protective instinct, conviction, honesty, altruism, and self-sacrifice.

True heroism appears to be remarkably sober and very undramatic. In essence, it is not an urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, rather the urge to serve them at whatever cost.

Research shows heroes seem to have a knack for being able to see things from the perspective of others; they can walk a mile in another man’s shoes, so to speak. When they encounter a situation where an individual is in need, they are immediately able to see themselves in that same situation and see what needs to be done to help.

Like our war heroes, our first responders, our teachers, and our essential workers often become someone else’s hero during their lifetime. As a result, we live in the midst of heroes, however unsung.

A quiet, unassuming person who motivates others to live their lives with courage and faith despite all of life’s difficulties with their head held high can be a hero as well.

Scientists believe by thinking of heroism as a universal attribute of human nature, not as a rare feature of the few, some level of heroism is in the range of possibility for all of us to answer the call.

Heroes circulate the life force of goodness in our collective veins – and clearly, now more than ever, what the world needs is more heroes. 

Photo by A. Warner


Editor's note: As a public service, MyhometownBronxville publishes articles from local institutions, officeholders, and individuals. MyhometownBronxville does not fact-check statements therein, and any opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the thinking of its staff.

2020 Bronxville Memorial Day Events PDF Print Email


By Staff

May 20, 2020: With social distancing guidelines, Memorial Day 2020 will be different from past years, but there are still ways to be together apart for Memorial Day.  Below are two great local events.

Bronxville School YouTube Memorial Day Program: Friday, May 22 at 9:30 AM

Due to COVID19, school isn't in session, but the Bronxville School District feels strongly that our Memorial Day celebration should continue. This has been a wonderful tradition in our community and a great way to honor our servicemen and women who gave their lives for our freedom.

Please join us and visit our YouTube district page on Friday May 22nd at 9:30 am to view this year's Memorial Day program. 

Our program will include as many of the traditions of the past while maintaining the safety of social distancing in our homes.
We hope you will join us for this important event. (Note: The livestream will become visible on the page once the event has started - your browser might require you to refresh the Youtube page for the live event to show.)

Bronxville School PTA Bronxville Together Memorial Day Program


Pictured: Memorial Day Artwork by Andre Kahraman, 5th Grade

STEP 1: Purchase a #Bronxville Together Tote for $50. Tote includes: BXV logo merchandise, patriotic items and a $25 gift card to local businesses. Click Here to Purchase Tote.  This needs to be purchased by May 21.


STEP 2: Bring your Memorial Day Festivities outside while social distancing of course, for a BBQ or family picnic.
STEP 3: Support our local restaurants: Grab a picnic friendly to-go dinner or dessert from participating businesses: Beer Noggin', Bronxville Diner, Candy Rox, Il Bacio, Ladle of Love, Lange's, Mini's, Park Place Bagels, Pete's, Scarborough Fair, Underhill's and Urban Hamlet. Click here for more detail.
STEP 4: Post your Memorial Day photos on social media using keyword  #BXVTogether. Also, send them to MyhometownBronxville at  CLOAKING

Tribute to Bronxville Veterans on Front Lawn of Village Hall from May 25 through July 4th weekend

The Village cannot have a Memorial Day Parade this year due to restrictions on gatherings and required social distancing. The Village was prepared to honor Vicki and Si Ford, who are moving back home to Minnesota after living in Bronxville for many years. They would have been the Grand Marshal's of Bronxville's 100th Parade. The Ford's have agreed to return next Memorial Day to be properly honored.

Even though there will not be a parade this year, the Village will honor veterans in a display on the front lawn of Village Hall on Memorial Day, May 25, 2020 through July 4th. Also, photos of veterans will be posted in selected Bronxville businesses.

Photo at top by A. Warner



From The Mayor: COVID-19 Effect on Various Business Sectors PDF Print Email


By Mary Marvin, Mayor, Village of Bronxville

May 20, 2020: I belong to a Westchester business group that gathers experts to discuss the economic health, business atmosphere, and future of our County.

We convened via Zoom last week and listened to professionals in all business sectors of the County give their assessment of the COVID19 effect on their industry and their forecasts for the future.

Transportation – Metro North

Between March 3 and March 20 of this year, Metro North lost 95% of its customers. The same loss of ridership was mirrored at New Jersey Transit and the LIRR. Interestingly, the impact percentage of the total on the reverse commute was significantly less at an 80% decrease.

Currently, trains are running once an hour in both directions. The most popular trains right now are very early in the morning with a six or seven A.M. arrival at Grand Central Station, with the vast majority of the passengers being essential workers. 

Metro North, in a relatively recent study of commuter habits pre-COVID, learned that approximately half of their ridership in our particular area had the capability to work remotely at least several days a week.

Airline Industry

An airline executive based at Westchester Airport forecasted more furloughs, reduction in schedules, higher ticket prices, and a significant decrease in non-stop flights. She believed we may need to get used to flying to Chicago first to reach some destinations in Florida.

As of May 15, Palm Beach was the nation’s busiest airport, thanks to general aviation (private plane/business flying). Our own Westchester airport is actually the second busiest airport in the country for private aviation, the sector of the market most experts believe will lead the way in recovery.

Going forward, experts believe the biggest concern on flights will have less to do with weather and bumpy rides and more to do with the comfort level of sitting within inches of each other.

Retail/Business Office Space

Not surprisingly, mom and pop stores in Westchester are in the most dire straits while Costco is having a record year.  

General office space in the County is rebounding as the suburbs have the benefit of low rise buildings and minimal flights of stairs to office space, allowing for social distancing.  

For example, a speaker familiar with the new Bank of America tower complex shared that based on the distinct possibility of the one per person elevator occupancy rule, it would take 5 ½ hours to fully occupy the tower.

As to residential real estate demand, the market is low on inventory but quite robust in potential buyers who now desire to leave Manhattan.

Construction Industry

Unlike most other states, New York quite simply shut down the industry. Soon to ease up, the main issues going forward are in the social distancing requirements that are foreign to most building projects.  

As an illustration, how does a sheetrock crew remain six feet apart? As there is a backlog in project starts, there will be higher costs for certain skilled tradesmen. Though the supply chain for raw materials is in decent shape right now, no one expects it to remain at the same level in the coming months. 

Experts in the field encouraged all of us in charge of municipal projects involving petroleum, such as road resurfacing, to bid them now. Similar to the airline industry challenge, it will be a defining element to get tradesman comfortable again, working in close contact on sites.


Most organizations seem to work from the model of desiring live interaction. Ballrooms with 300 in attendance will most assuredly be the last type of gathering permitted in the post-COVID comeback.

Despite this, many experts in the industry think it might be an ideal moment to reimagine the non-profit matrix. Perhaps the formerly 300 person event space sellout could be branded differently across the internet and garner 500 people.

Sponsors might forego tables at testimonials for continuous website promotion highlighting their altruism that could then be disseminated to a much bigger audience. Fundraising strategy, though currently down by gift amount per person, may be in an opportune moment to enhance the volume of donors and gain a broader recognition factor.

Food Insufficiency

The negative impact on all of the above industries most sadly and, most importantly, ripples right down to the dinner table.

Since mid-March, the major umbrella food bank of our County called Feeding Westchester has given away 4.2 million pounds of food. To put this in context, 10 million pounds of food are distributed yearly.

Many recipients are first-time visitors to the food banks who have been furloughed or fired from minimum wage jobs.

To purchase food on the open market for those in need will cost $850,000 per month going forward with an end date not forecast until 18 months out. The lines are so long as the need is so great that the National Guard still has a presence in the County packing pallets and distributing food.

Feeding Westchester was actually the first food bank in the country to ramp up in preparation for COVID-19.  

As a direct consequence of the pandemic, the food distribution sites must morph going forward into healthcare and mental health care screening centers as we have so clearly learned those in need of food are also in need of so many other essential services.

Photo by A. Warner


Editor's note: As a public service, MyhometownBronxville publishes articles from local institutions, officeholders, and individuals. MyhometownBronxville does not fact-check statements therein, and any opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the thinking of its staff.

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