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Max McGrath: The Joys of Hotel Med PDF Print Email

Dec. 18, 2013:  Many medical specialists recommend a change of scenery for long-term patients. It creates a break in the routine that is vital to boosting the human spirit.

Following this sound advice, I checked in for ten days to a renowned facility that guarantees rest and relaxation 24/7--Martin Memorial Hospital in Stuart, Florida. This outfit boasts three nutritious meals a day, attendants to assist your every need, always with a smile, and great views of the harbor.

Truthfully, I would have preferred a Club Med excursion; however, age and current lack of enthusiasm for the hedonistic lifestyle eliminated that option.

I did anticipate, however, missing my friends every Wednesday at "Frankenstein health spa" to imbibe in the festivities of dispensing a chemo cocktail directly into my chest. This procedure is always met with an expressive outcry from the participants. There's nothing like having a needle driven into the surgically implanted "port" in your chest to administer the juice. Makes you sit straight up and say "HOWDY."

Chemo plays havoc with your blood count. Mine was so low the doctors found it was something related to a million-year-old lungfish. That's why I went for incarcerated R/R.

I'm going to give you a leg up on what I learned during this forced holiday in case you find yourself someday on this appealing type of rest!

Hide half the stool softeners they issue. They are the devil's brew and create much panic for the "tile" in the middle of the night. Also, the bed sheets and covers have a secret hatred for you and will try to strangle you in the dead of night. Keep an eye out as in a fifth general order.

When you need aid and you employ the call button, respond to the intercom in a precise manner using a serious plea as if you were directing the landings at Normandy. Otherwise, take a nap. It will be an hour before someone appears to ask, "Do you need help." "Yes! That's why I'm turning blue!"

When a nurse is helping you and then declares, "I'm going to get someone to help," that translates into they will be gone for hours, they're late for their yoga class.

Well, nothing is meant to be perfect, including my tongue-in-cheek critique. Most nurses do an unheralded difficult job. My home nurse, Tamara, is fantastic and a gift from above. She should have been a doctor.

With any extensive rest bit such as mine, thoughts of life lived sneak into your mind. The good and bad hang on the wall, particularly for this scoundrel in tough status.

1. I'm grateful for my good friends and extended family. I'd take a bullet willingly to protect these folks. I was blessed to be born American and feel loss when those who provide it are lost. I am thankful for my enemies. It means I stood my ground on my beliefs and opinions without yielding; my footprint is deep. My brother and sister are my family and we are close. There has never been anything that has divided us--success or failure, lying or omissions, theft or greed. Fred always said, "Never let anything come between you and your brother or sister." He would know.

2. I regret in my younger days utilizing my sharp tongue and ready hands. I feel shame for those I hurt, when a kind word may have worked better. Life is lessons and there were many I had to learn. As Betty used to say, "Don't worry, Pete, you'll be fine, you're a late bloomer, that's all."

I ask my 2 1/2 readers to say a prayer for the young and old cancer warriors at this time of year in particular. This plague is out of control and a cure must be found, now! . . .

God bless to B'ville and have a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.

Village/School Property Taxes Due December 31, 2013 PDF Print Email

Dec. 18, 2013:  The Bronxville village treasurer, Robert J. Fels, in a Bronxville eAlert, reminds village residents that the second half of the Bronxville village/school property tax payments is due by December 31, 2013.

The eAlert states, "Payments must be received in Village Hall by Tuesday, December 31, 2013, at 4:00 pm. Checks should be made payable to the Village of Bronxville and reference your bill number." Please note that payments may be delivered in person by the 4:00 pm deadline. If mailed, they "must be postmarked prior to December 31, 2013 to avoid a penalty. Payments received after December 31, 2013 are subject to a 5% penalty."

Any questions, including requests for a copy of your tax bill, may be directed to Kate Fitzpatrick at Bronxville Village Hall at 914-337-6500 or  CLOAKING . Village hall is open Mondays through Fridays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and will be closed on December 25. 

Pictured here:  It's only money.

Photo by A. Warner

Village Trustees Choose Developer for Kensington Road Property PDF Print Email

Dec. 11, 2013:  The village's third attempt to develop the Kensington Road property is shaping up to be the one that may very well be realized. At its regular meeting on December 9, the Bronxville Board of Trustees approved a resolution to direct the preparation of a contract for the sale of the property, currently a parking facility.

After an exhaustive review of several respondents to a request for proposal solicited by the village last June, an ad hoc committee of trustees and qualified citizens recommended Fareri Associates of Greenwich, Connecticut, to assume the project at the point where WCI, the previous developer, ceased its involvement.

"Our objective is to get to the stage where we can finish the contract negotiations," said Deputy Mayor Robert Underhill and chairman of the ad hoc committee. "We will come back to have a vote to proceed with that contract, probably at our next meeting."

Fareri Associates has agreed to work with the full set of plans for 54 condominium units and 300 below-grade parking spaces, approved by the Bronxville Planning Board in 2008.

Two hundred of the parking spaces will be exclusively for village use and will replace the 180 spaces currently available. The firm has also accepted all of the contracts and agreements related to the property and prepared when WCI was anticipated to develop it.

WCI's bankruptcy in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis left the village without a viable party to complete the project. A request for proposal solicited in 2010 did not draw any response from developers.

Underhill stated that Fareri Associates was chosen from among the impressive group of respondents because of its strong desire to build the project, its acceptance of the plans, and an economic package attractive to the village.

"Their track record of building top-quality luxury projects within the Greenwich market is second to none," Underhill said. He noted that members of the committee made several site visits to Fareri Associates structures. They observed one project that dealt with a railroad track restriction similar to the one adjacent to the Kensington Road property and another containing an underground garage that matches the one in the Kensington plans.

With all permits and agreements in place and the anticipated contract negotiations expected to be complete by mid-January 2014, construction on the Kensington site could begin in the spring.

The one- and two-bedroom condominiums in the 110,000-square-foot development, comparable to Christie Place in Scarsdale, according to Underhill, will be targeted toward older residents, primarily empty nesters who want to remain in Bronxville.

The Kensington Road property, formerly the site of Lawrence Park Heat, Light and Power, a coal-fired power plant, and a gas station, is an environmentally contaminated site and has become a blighted property, Underhill said. "It is at the point where the village would have to spend more money on it and run the risk of having to bear the cost of environmental remediation." Any repair work disturbing the site's existing surface would trigger the mandatory environmental work.

In moving forward with Fareri Associates, not only does the village achieve a full release of liability for environmental remediation, it also runs no risk of disturbing the site's surface.

Trustee Guy Longobardo stated that the remediation alone would cost $8 million to $10 million.  Fareri Associates will perform that work as part of the contract.

In addition to increasing the number of parking spaces available for village use, the residential project should generate approximately $600,000 in additional property tax revenue.

Trustee Anne W. Poorman expressed thanks to the ad hoc committee. "We feel we have every issue vetted, and we’re going forward with the best plan," she said. "I have every confidence that this is a good idea."

In echoing Poorman's thanks, Mayor Mary Marvin said, "We put together a great team. I couldn't agree more with the conclusion."

The next regular meeting of the Bronxville Board of Trustees will be on Monday, January 13, at 8:00 pm in the Trustees Room at Bronxville Village Hall.

Pictured here:  The lot on Kensington Road where the 54-unit condominium is to go.

Photo by N. Bower


Peter Incledon Wins Eastchester Fire Commissioner Election PDF Print Email

Dec. 11, 2013:  Peter Incledon of Bronxville won a decisive victory in the Eastchester Fire District Board of Commissioners election defeating incumbent Richard Steigelman.

For the third year in a row, Eastchester voters have elected to shift the complexion of the Eastchester Fire Board of Commissioners from familiar incumbents in favor of new members.

Incledon won a five-year seat on the board with a total townwide vote of 487. Steigelman received 282 votes.  In Bronxville, alone, Incledon received 282 votes.  Seteigelman's received 10.

The total of 769 votes cast was low, possibly due to the snowstorm that brought several inches of snow to the town. Last year the total townwide turnout was 1,174. The year before, it was 1,453.

This year's election for fire commissioner marks the last time it will be held on the second Tuesday of December. State legislation passed earlier this fall and signed by the governor has moved the voting date to the regular general election in November.

Pictured here:  Peter Incledon, newly elected Eastchester fire commissioner.

Photo by A. Warner

Chief Satriale Warns of Utility Bill Scam in Bronxville PDF Print Email

Dec. 11, 2013:  Editor's note: Bronxville chief of police Christopher Satriale sent out the following eAlert to residents warning of a utility bill scam being run in the area.

Over the past few weeks several Bronxville merchants have been victimized by an overdue utility payment scam. Several attempts have been made to victimize residents as well.

In recent cases the individual calling local businesses and residences claims to be from the utility company providing service to the location. The caller advises the merchant or resident that their account is overdue and an immediate payment is the only way to avoid a disruption of service.

The merchant and/or resident is directed to immediately purchase a MoneyPak Green Dot cash card and call back with the Green Dot account number over the phone or provide credit card information for immediate payment.

We have been in contact with all local utilities and have confirmed that none would request such a payment from their customers. Consolidated Edison has issued the following notice:

Con Edison urges customers to never provide a Social Security number, credit card number or banking information to anyone requesting it unless you initiated the contact and know the identity of the person you are speaking with.

If you receive a call from someone you do not trust and who is urging you to make a payment to Con Edison, hang up and check the legitimacy of the call by dialing 1-800-75-CONED (1-800-752-6633).

Anyone who feels they have been victimized by the above scam should contact their local police department.

Pictured here:  Bronxville chief of police Christopher Satriale.

Photo by A. Warner

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