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Babies and Young Children
Babies and young children

What MHTB Readers Are Doing While Staying Home PDF Print Email

By Staff

Apr. 22, 2020: During this unusual time, we are all staying at home to stay safe. 

MyhometownBronxville reached out to readers to hear about some of the positives they have experienced while staying home.

This is what readers said:


"We are building a garden! We finally have enough time to devote to making sure it grows. We have no idea what we are doing, but we sure are having fun trying!"

"I’ve had time to really weed my garden and now am appreciating the buds as they emerge"

"I'm Gardening! Dividing plants. Reorganizing a garden." 

Food, Diet & Exercise

"We have all five of our kids home - from Kindergarten to college — and I’ve been able to work from home for 5 weeks now. I could not be happier to have everyone under one roof. Have started baking bread which I have never done before. Experimented with two different versions of crusty no-knead bread, naan and rosemary focaccia. I can send recipes!"

"I've gotten to exercise regularly"

"I'm doing the Whole30"

'I served meals with fine china and silver...if not now, when?"

'I logged miles and miles walking."

"We've been able to have family dinners, which are hard to do when we're all running to sports activities and other obligations."

"I'm cooking more plant based meals." 

"I'm exercising"

"Virtual cook-offs with friends and family members."

"Thank God for the Peloton."

Connecting with Family & Friends


"I learned how to Zoom with family and friends and as a result have gotten to know my great-nephews in a distant city as never before"

 "I have loved the video and text group calls with friends."
"I exchanged letters (not emails) with my sisters and enjoyed checking the mailbox."

"My children and I now "zoom" with their 94 year old grandmother."

"I've gotten to spend time with my busy teenage children."

"I've gotten to hear what my children's classes are like."

"Virtual cocktails with friends."

Things to Be Thankful For
"I keep a running list of things to be thankful for with a dear friend."

"Noticing how blue the sky is, how warm the sun is, how fresh the air is, how vibrant the flowers - simple things we didn't notice before because we were too busy, moving too quickly, and not present."

New Activities

"Family game night-several times a week!"

"Puzzles and Games are back in our house."

Getting Organized

'The house is getting organized"

"I am delighted to have almost finished purging, organizing and putting into albums the zillions of stray pictures accumulated over many years. It’s a tedious project that I have put off until “I have time” - well, I’ve had time!"

"I’ve attended to things around the house I have never noticed."


"The dog loves all the attention."

Photo at top by A. Warner; photo in middle by J. Murrer




This Will Put a Smile on Your Face: Draw a Rainbow, Spread Kindness & Hope PDF Print Email


By Staff

Apr. 1, 2020:   A new "rainbow" movement as begun across the US where children of families shut-in because of coronavirus are painting pictures of rainbows and displaying them in their windows and on their doors as a symbol of hope. The families are also posting the pictures on Facebook.

It's a positive project to do with your kids and reinforces a message of kindness and hope.

Photo by A. Warner

High Schoolers Taking Care of Babies; Well, Sort of PDF Print Email


By Eleanor Clifford, 9th Grader, Bronxville School

Jan. 29, 2020: If you were walking in the halls of Bronxville High School in January, you might well have come upon High School students carrying around crying babies in car seats....well, sort of.  

I was one of these high schoolers, and I was carrying around a baby, but not a real one. She was a "digital baby" named Riley, and she was programmed to cry when she needed a diaper change or was hungry or just fussy. This experience is part of the required "Health" class for Bronxville High School.

Our job was to take care of a baby for 24 hours - during school, in the afternoon, in the evening and through the night. I took Riley from class to class, attempting to hold her and a bottle with one hand and scribble down notes with the other (it was a struggle), I would take her out of the class when she was crying. 

After school was over, I lugged Riley in her car seat out of the school and brought her home, praying she wouldn't cry. As Riley was not a real-life baby, it was quite the guessing game to figure out what I needed to do to make her stop crying.  

My next stop was the Bronxville Field Club, and guess who came along with me? Riley. After a couple of hours, I figured out the most efficient way to take care of Riley. I kept the "chime" with me at all times. Unlike a real baby, to let these robotic babies know that their caregiver is here, the caregiver has to "chime in" every time the baby cries, or she won't accept the bottle-feeding or diaper change (this was all explained when you first get your child). 

When the day was over, I was so tired, and all I wanted was a good night's sleep. Of course, that was the last thing that I would have tonight. At 3:20 am, I was awakened by a crying baby who needed a bottle feed, and as parents know, it does not take a short time to feed a baby. So for the next 40 minutes, I was feeding Riley, who then needed to be burped.


After I finished those two tasks, I was so glad to be going back to sleep and at least get a couple of hours of sleep. But no, as I tried to sleep, Riley continued to make noises that I couldn't stop with the chime (because the chime only helps if they are really crying, not just making noises). For the next half hour, I was rocking Riley back to sleep, and 30 long minutes later, she made the amazing cooing sound that the babies make when they are happy. 

For the rest of the night, I was able to sleep thankfully. For all parents reading this, you may be thinking, "try having a baby for years."  

In the morning, it was time to say goodbye. I said my last goodbyes and sadly dropped Riley off to my Health teacher, Mr. Russert. My days as a mother were over, and I was happy and sad at the same time.

When first hearing about this, you may assume that this part of the Health class curriculum is just to scare students not to have teen pregnancies.

According to Mr. Russert, the main goal of the baby project "is to have a student experience the impact an infant would have on their lives physically, socially, and emotionally."  The second major goal "is to have a student take individual responsibility for another while trying to maintain their busy life."

He says that, while some students would like to keep the baby longer and others are happy the 24-hours is over "the student response to the time commitment and the 'inconvenience' the project brings seem to be universal." 

He also says that "a side benefit is the student realization that becoming a parent is a 24 hour job which doesn't fit neatly into a busy lifestyle." 

Mr Russert says he started this project with "eggs, flour and sugar sacks" and that "the babies have been around for about five years and bring a much different dimension to the project."  

I, for one, thought this experience was truly unique and honestly a little fun (except for night time).

Photo by E. Clifford



Reformed Church Nursery School Annual Harvest Moon Festival a Big Success! PDF Print Email


By Eleyna Whittingham

Nov. 6, 2019:  The Reformed Church Nursery School’s Annual Harvest Moon Festival was held on Saturday, October 26th, and was an incredible success.  There was a strong turnout and families from both RCNS and the Bronxville community came together for a fun-filled day to celebrate the fall season. A magician, The Great Charlini, performed and everyone enjoyed raffles, games, crafts, food, a silent auction, and a petting zoo.


The amazing efforts and talents of the RCNS parents made the Harvest Moon Festival possible, and all of the funds raised support the activities of the nursery school.


The Harvest Moon Festival was also a success due in large part to our community sponsors: Augustyn Renovations, Houlihan Lawrence, Main Street Pediatric Dentistry, and Nature’s Cradle, NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital, Pete’s Park Place Tavern, Park Place Bagels, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Value Drugs Eastchester.

Pictured at top L-R: Fundraising Co-Chair, Maureen Stapleton and Fundraising Chair, Julia Hull

Photos by Emily Tull Pollakowski

Editor's note: As a public service, MyhometownBronxville publishes articles from local institutions, officeholders, and individuals. MyhometownBronxville does not fact-check statements therein, and any opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the thinking of its staff.

Photos of 2019 Halloween Parade & Decor in Bronxville PDF Print Email


Photos by N. Bower and A Warner

Oct. 30, 2019: The Bronxville School Youth Council's Halloween Parade and Haunted House on Oct. 25, 2019 was once again a big success!  Families in costumes gathered on the front lawn of the school and joined the parade and Halloween spirit was everywhere.

Below are some wonderful pictures of the parade and of Halloween decor around Bronxville. 


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