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NBC Program 'Open House' to Feature Bronxville Home PDF Print Email

By Bill Dowling

Apr. 8, 2015: NBC New York's Open House will feature the Bronxville home at 34 Prescott Avenue on its Sunday, April 19, show on Channel 4 at 8:30 am. The crew was here on March 18 filming the show, which is hosted by Bronxville resident Sara Gore.

The featured house is owned by Elena Agostinis Patterson, prominent local painter and sculptor, owner of local boutique Chaos, and wife of racing driver Mark Patterson.

"Bronxville has played an important part in the lives of our family, and Mark and I will miss it," Patterson said. Their historic (1898) Hilltop house, which contains many of her paintings and art installations as well as her husband's collection of sculptures, was put on the market recently by Bill Dowling of Julia B. Fee/Sotheby's International Realty.

"Walking through their house is like going through an art gallery," said Dowling. Their home includes Elena's paintings, sculptures, and art installations, as well as their collection of important bronze sculptures and paintings. Elena and her husband, Mark, are from South Africa, and their collection reflects that heritage as well as their travels to India, Mexico, Ethiopia, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Morocco.

Their house was designed by William Bates, who designed many Lawrence Park Hilltop houses for artists in the 1890s. The Pattersons were inspired by the scale and playfulness of Bates's designs. After buying the house in 1993, they embarked on a creative interpretation of Bates's work, first in the existing parts of the house and later adding a new two-story tower, a kitchen extension, and a lower driveway with a two-car garage and a patio on top.

"We think we have Bronxville's most colorful home," Elena said recently.

Elena is well known for her project to repaint the commercial buildings in Tannersville, NY, in her bold colors. The result was an economic rebirth of what was a remote, sleepy village in the Catskill Mountains. The story and success of this project has been widely publicized and has twice been featured on the Today Show. It has also been reported in the New York Times and other news media.

In addition to Elena's boutique in Bronxville, she opened Chaos in Manhattan and recently opened a contemporary art gallery, "Say What?" in Tannersville. Elena holds a BA in graphic design from Stellenbosch University in South Africa, and all of her projects reflect that training and discipline. 

Pictured here: Elena and Mark Patterson's home in the snow on Prescott Road.

Photo courtesy Bill Dowling

Sheila Stoltz: Real Estate Sales in Bronxville: First Quarter Summary PDF Print Email

By Sheila Stoltz, Associate Real Estate Broker, Houlihan Lawrence

Apr. 1, 2015: It has been an interesting first quarter. The market has been busy, but deal activity has been low relative to last year at this time. The slower first quarter could be because of the very cold and snowy weather. 

Buyers for the Bronxville school district come from a number of places. For the past year, 34% of buyers have come from within Bronxville, 12% from Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess Counties, 41% from New York City, 2% from the tristate area, and 10% from relocation outside of the tristate area. I expect the market to be a little slow until after the April break and hope for a pickup in activity after the holidays. 

Bronxville Village Single-Family Homes

In 2014, 9 homes had closed from 1/1/2014-3/23/2014 at an average price of $2.5 million ($634 psf). In 2015, 3 homes have closed for an average price of $2.9 million ($728 psf).  Eleven homes are under contract, and there are 34 active listings on the market for an average price of $3.7 million. There are only two single-family homes listed below $2.0 million, and 16 single-family homes are listed above $3.0 million. I do think the warmer weather will bring more buyers and sales. Interest rates remain low but are ticking up, which is motivating buyers to act now as well.

Bronxville Village Town Homes

There have been 4 town home sales this year at an average price of $1.0 million ($646 psf). There are 4 town homes under contract and 6 town homes on the market, so inventory is very manageable. In 2014, at this time, 2 town homes had closed for an average price of $1,387,500 ($592). The town home market in Bronxville Village remains very strong.

Bronxville P.O./Yonkers

In 2014, 6 homes at an average selling price of $900,000 ($286 psf) sold through 3/23/2014. Year-to-date 2015, 5 homes have sold in this area for an average price of $793,000 ($290 psf). Currently there are 6 homes under contract and 31 homes on the market.

Bronxville P.O./Tuckahoe

In the beginning of 2014, 2 homes sold in this market for an average price of $1,362,500 ($458). In the first part of 2015, 4 homes have closed for an average price of $1,112,375 ($344 psf), with 4 homes under contract and 20 homes on the market. This market is having a strong beginning to 2015.

Pictured here: Sheila Stoltz, an associate broker with Houlihan Lawrence, works at 4 Valley Road in Bronxville; her office number is 914-227-0400, and her cell number is 914-310-6220.  

Photo courtesy Bronxville office of Houlihan Lawrence

Temporary Headquarters for Houlihan Lawrence at 89 Pondfield Road as Little White Cottage Undergoes Repairs PDF Print Email

Written by Staff





Mar. 18, 2015: Residents and visitors driving up from the underpass on Pondfield Road headed toward the main business district can't help but have noticed the substantial construction project taking place on the little white cottage to the left--the headquarters of the Bronxville office of the real estate firm Houlihan Lawrence.

Alas, even buildings get old and a little rickety. The little white cottage is no exception. An important landmark in Bronxville, it has resided there for over 100 years. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that a little sprucing up (actually some major sprucing up) was needed.

Many of the real estate agents housed in the cottage endured the hammering and sawing for over a month until several weeks ago Cindy Landis, branch manager of the Bronxville office, moved almost everyone lock, stock, and barrel to the other Houlihan Lawrence office at 89 Pondfield Road in the center of town near Citibank.

Prospective sellers and buyers should take note of the temporary new location before heading out to talk real estate.

Pictured here: The Houlihan Lawrence little white cottage under construction.

Photo by A. Warner

Joe Houlihan: Tech Tools for Home Buying PDF Print Email

Written by Joe Houlihan, Managing Partner, Houlihan & O'Malley Real Estate


Feb. 25, 2015: We all know the saying "there's an app for that." Technology exists for just about everything today. The question is how useful is it? Even when it comes to purchasing a home, technology can be a real game changer.

Now, you can easily find out about properties and communities by using online tools and apps to help you quickly find the right community or neighborhood, even before you speak to a Realtor.

The buyer pool today tends to be quite educated, and Realtors welcome informed consumers as well as the technology they use, as both help them do their job. Each year, the National Association of Realtors® publishes the results of its research on home buyers and sellers, and its 2014 edition, 2014 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, indicates that 89 percent of home buyers said that they used technology in some form in the home-buying process, and 92 percent of home buyers said that technology helps save them time.

So, which apps and sites are most helpful and for what? Here are a few favorites. provides up-to-date, community-specific information to buyers. This is a multi-use platform, mainly used for property search, and offers overviews of the real estate market in specific communities. Real estate agents belong to their local real estate board, and most boards have their own Multiple Listing Service (MLS) through which their member Realtors can share listings with each other. Our local association is the Hudson Gateway Multiple Listing Service. gets real estate property listings directly from over 800 MLS associations, and the listings are refreshed every 15 minutes. Therefore, information is the most current, which is very important because you can find real-time listing and closing information, sale pricing history, recent sales in the area, and tax information. Sites like Trulia and Zillow are very consumer friendly, too, but are not directly linked to MLS, so the information they carry may not be as up to date.

Mapping services like Google Maps and Apple Maps are invaluable. Not only do they help Realtors and buyers get from one listing to the next quickly and efficiently, but they allow buyers to plot a geographic area and then research the amount of time to get to a train station or highway from multiple places to determine their ideal location for a home.

Neighborhood Navigator:  One of the most frequently used tools by clients is the Neighborhood Navigator. By using the Navigator, you can drill down to specific data that define a neighborhood and paint a more accurate picture. You can see how many households have children, how many residences are owned or rented, how rapidly the population is growing, the median age of residents, and more.

Mortgage Calculator:  Financing apps are another important tool. Programs like Mortgage Calculator help homebuyers to figure out the price range they can afford and to understand the repayment requirements that a mortgage will require. Additionally, they prompt buyers to review their other monthly costs, which include real estate taxes and homeowners insurance. When factored in, these can make a big difference in determining what you can afford to purchase. Therefore, it is important to complete a mortgage worksheet before you set a price range.

Information available to buyers is only going to improve over time, and using technology in the future is going to become a universal experience. That said, technology will never be a substitute for a Realtor, but it can enhance and streamline the process for all parties involved.

Pictured here: Joseph Houlihan, managing partner at Houlihan & O'Malley, 133 Parkway Road, Bronxville. He can be reached in his office at 914-337-7888 or on his cell at 914-645-6640 or by email at CLOAKING .

Photo by Laura Mogil

Village Being Sued for Illegal Housing Discrimination on Kensington Road Project PDF Print Email

Written by Carol P. Bartold


Jan. 28, 2015: Bronxville's Kensington Road project, over ten years in the making, put on hold by the 2008 economic downturn, and currently in progress with excavation on the site, has encountered another snag.

On January 15, Westchester Residential Opportunities, Inc. (WRO), a private nonprofit organization, filed a lawsuit in federal court against the Village of Bronxville and Kensington Road developer Gateway Kensington LLC for illegal housing discrimination against families with children.

WRO filed the suit under both the federal Fair Housing Act and the New York State Human Rights Act "for discrimination based on familial status and age," as described in a WRO press release dated January 15, 2015, after an investigation by WRO of the village that was supported by a grant provided by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development under the Fair Housing Initiatives Program.

Geoffrey Anderson, WRO executive director, states in the press release that "Bronxville and its developer deliberately set out to design and market new condominiums to deter families with children from moving into the village."

WRO cites an "age-targeted" special permit in the village zoning code, which, it states in the press release, "allows developers to build more units than allowed 'as of right' if the housing is 'designed to appeal primarily to individuals and couples without children.'" WRO claims that in 2013, the village granted such an age-targeted permit for the Kensington Road development project.

WRO states in the press release that the 54-unit condominium project was "intentionally designed with few bedrooms and with dens lacking closets and placed far from bathrooms. Moreover, the development will not offer any child-friendly amenities."

Marlene Zarfes, WRO's director of fair housing, is quoted in the press release as saying, "'Such discrimination is not only wrong but illegal. Municipalities violate fair housing laws when they develop housing for so-called empty nesters and discourage families from living in their communities.'" She also stated that, "while age-restricted housing for seniors can be created legally under federal law, it must be for those either 55 or 62 and older."

Geoff Thompson, spokesperson for Fareri Associates, which wholly owns Gateway Kensington LLC, stated, "While we have not yet begun to market the housing, we intend to fully comply with the Fair Housing Act. There is no age limit on who can purchase, and sales will be open to all, including families with children."

Requests for comments from Bronxville Village Hall were not answered.

Westchester Residential Opportunities, Inc. describes its mission as follows in the press release: "Founded in 1968 to fight housing discrimination in its region, Westchester Residential Opportunities, Inc. is a private nonprofit organization and a federally approved housing counseling agency. Its mission is to promote equal, affordable, and accessible housing opportunities for all residents of the Lower Hudson Valley."

Pictured here: Site of the new Kensington Road condominiums.

Photo by N. Bower

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