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To the Editor:

Apr. 11, 2018:  On March 20, an election took place that was remarkable in a number of ways. A judge’s seat was challenged for the first time in anyone’s historical memory, and turnout was historically high, as well. There has been much written over the last weeks, both attributable and anonymously. And as I personally have a policy of commenting with attribution, there are a few points that I’d like to publicly make. 

First, when I wrote in an email on Election Day afternoon that Indivisible Westchester was pouring thousands of dollars into the Bronxville judicial race, I believed it was true. Unprecedented and unexpected numbers of voters were streaming to the polls. Previously there had been chatter of Indivisible Westchester funding; prominent members of the group were active in the campaign, so I believed those were the reasons for the extraordinarily high voter turnout. If that was not the case, I certainly apologize. 

Second, Mr. Primps's family was suddenly put in a position of having to reluctantly, and unexpectedly, fund a campaign, which primarily consisted of printing palm cards. 

I requested donations for his campaign in the footer of limited emails--he did not ask me to do this. Campaign finance filings are due to the village in mid-April and will reflect expenditures and donations. They are expected to be quite modest and will be duly documented. 

The business of the village is such that a great deal is done on our behalf by village officials out of the spotlight. It takes great commitment, particularly as laws and regulations have become so complex. We have tried to keep a low profile and simply sought out and supported the individuals we feel can best serve our village. We do it without fanfare. 

Finally, because we are a small and tight-knit community, we would like to continue to be a place where people can come together to solve our problems, maintain the vibrancy of our community, AND agree to disagree in a civil fashion. This spirited past judicial election is a clarion call for all of us villagers to rededicate ourselves to those ideals. 

In the final analysis, we are all one Bronxville.

Rene Atayan

Editor's note:  Rene Atayan is chair of the Bronxville Republican Party.

Editor's note:  MyhometownBronxville does not fact-check statements in letters to the editor, and the opinions do not necessarily reflect the thinking of its staff. Its objective in publishing letters to the editor is to give air to diverse thoughts and opinions of residents in the community.



#10 well said DATE_FORMAT_LC1
@Jennifer Redman thank you for your thoughtful comment. Rene, "tight knit" is just a cozy and condescending way of saying "exclusive club" isn't it? Shame on you for the lies you spread.
#9 Bruce Anderson DATE_FORMAT_LC1
Hey PNG - LOVE your condescending comment from a troll who lives in, well, we don't know, do we? Do you have anything meaningful to share, or do you just enjoy shooting spitwads from the back of the classroom while teacher's back is turned?
#8 Bruce Anderson DATE_FORMAT_LC1
Every writer - even an email writer - has a moral obligation to write the truth. If in doubt, the writer has an obligation to make reasonable efforts to determine the truth. In a message blasted to dozens of recipients with the explicit intention of influencing their behavior, the moral obligation is particularly imperative.

There was no truth whatsoever to the content of the message in question here.

From 1978 - when I worked for a Republican U.S. Senator - until the Rise of Trump in 2016, I considered myself a lifelong Republican. After Trump’s nomination, I moved to Reading, PA to work on the Clinton campaign, not due to any great devotion to Hillary, but because I genuinely feared for the future of my country.

My fears have proved to be well-founded. My former party no longer appears to value fiscal conservatism, personal character, civility or, it would seem, truth. (Should I add freedom of expression?)
#7 Annette DATE_FORMAT_LC1
Contests are fine, when the candidates are qualified. The person who lost did not have the bonafides nor clearly the temperament. Harding, the Democrats,and Indivisible have a horrendous track record. Betsy Harding irresponsibly pit neighbors against each other and libeled Frank Sica and Tom Leslie during the tax reval, last year's Dem Trustee candidate was a Venezuelan Chavez sympathizer(as in ACTUALLY!), and now Shelley Mayer. New York is a mess and it's on the long-term incumbents, like Mayer, who it now seems betrayed women who were being disgustingly preyed upon in the workplace; and those women are brave enough to now produce the emails to prove it! Can we please elect a state senator who has the guts, the brains and the heart to actually serve our community? I know Julie and her family and they are wonderful bright giving compassionate and tough. Finally, all of this Trump talk is silly and has nothing to do with our Village except to polarize neighbors.
#6 concerned citizen DATE_FORMAT_LC1
I agree strongly with Jennifer Redman.

Rene, your apology does not seem heartfelt. But more importantly, perhaps there needs to be another Vote.
Atta'Girl Lyin Atayan,

Keep up the good work.

#4 Persona N. Grata DATE_FORMAT_LC1
That was a really touching story Bruce, especially the part where you moved to Reading, PA to work for Hillary. WOW! You should write a book.

Did you vote in our little Bronxville election because a search of your name shows your home address to be in Yonkers near or on Sarah Lawrence College? FYI - we refer to people like you as a PO.

Thank you for stopping by and don't forget to register to vote in Yonkers or wherever it is you wind up next.
#3 Contested elections DATE_FORMAT_LC1
All elections should be contested. Not the norm in Bronxville unfortunately. Everytime there is one it gets nasty. The last contested Village Trustee election was shocking how awful the challenger was treated by the Republican leadership of this village. Same for the recent County Legislator contest. Rather than debating ideas with points and counter points the attacks are personal and/or baseless non-truths. Yes this is the state of politics today but can’t our village be different? Be better? Lead by example? Our forefathers established the NPC in 1936 for nominating school board candidates which mostly eliminates ugly election campaigns but also eliminates the the voters right to choose and the opportunity for public discussion of important issues. We seem to have a long history of prefering uncontested elections—also preferred by Mr. Putin etc—not a good thing for a vital democracy.
#2 Jennifer Redman DATE_FORMAT_LC1
Bronxville was lucky to have two highly qualified candidates to choose from for judge. Party affiliations in village elections are not always useful. Foremost, we need competent individuals dedicated to the collective good for which they will receive much grief and little thanks.

Many of us live in a village of 1 square mile because we want to live in community. Because of the close knit community we have built, it was highly disappointing and unexpected that our recent election would become a sad example of the dishonest rhetoric polluting our nation's discourse.

You are the Chair of the Republican Party. That honorific is supposed to mean something. The lies you circulated were easily verifiable and also illegal. When those with influence circulate lies and flout election laws, elections are swayed.

It will be telling to see how the Village Republicans right this wrong and restore "one Bronxville."
This is why the US has such low levels of voter participation. If a local judge election has proven to be this controversial nothing is sacred. If there were so many problems with the election why is there no call to just revote?


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