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To the Editor:

Apr. 4, 2018:  It has been said that the second-worst idea in American politics--the worst being the balanced budget amendment to the Constitution--is electing our judges. The recent village judicial election, marred by voting irregularities (e.g., ballot shortages, long lines due to only one scanning machine in operation, etc.) proved that in spades.

On the eve of this closely contested race, the Bronxville GOP, in its attempt to aid its candidate Mr. Primps, launched a scurrilous e-mail campaign, designed to smear the reputation of his opponent, Ms. Nordahl, as the recipient of outside funding from Westchester Indivisible. 

These utterly false and fabricated accusations, worthy of Joe McCarthy, demonstrated for all to see how low the local GOP will stoop to win an election. Shame on them for spreading these lies!

To add insult to injury, the 11t11th-hour email also contained an explicit and ethically suspect solicitation for funds for Mr. Primps!

As a supporter of Natasha’s, I would normally be inclined to offer congratulations to Mr. Primps had he won fair and square. But his victory, decided by less than 40 votes (the final tally of absentees may narrow that margin), remains tainted, and the Bronxville GOP has yet to be held to account for its disgraceful tactics waged against an honorable candidate and neighbor, Ms. Nordahl.

At a minimum, Mr. Primps and the local GOP, rather than heading for the tall grass, need to issue immediately an unconditional apology to the voters of Bronxville for these shameful election tactics, lest the judge take office under an ethical cloud. Nothing less than respect for the idea of an independent judiciary remains at stake.

Bill Gaston
Bronxville resident

Editor's note:  MyhometownBronxville does not fact-check statements in letters to the editor, and the opinions do not necessarily reflect the thinking of its staff. Its objective in publishing letters to the editor is to give air to diverse thoughts and opinions of residents in the community.



#6 Annette DATE_FORMAT_LC1
and all of these threats coming from Ms Nordahl, her husband, and Betsy Harding are what are shameful, too. Mr Primps had been a completely selfless volunteer of great integrity and the GOP supported him in a very transparent and honest way. She chose to challenge a judge, which to my knowledge, had never been done. her choice, but her reaction to losing is not in keeping with someone what wants to be a judge for goodness sake.
#5 Annette DATE_FORMAT_LC1
Mr. Primps and the GOP did nothing shameful, Mr Gaston. Ms. Nordahl and the Democratic Party are suspected of using the Bronxville School's database. We should be far more concerned about that. She was the secretary of the PTA, and other prominent Democrats and Indivisble members had access to the entire school's parent database at one time. I heard from many people who were perplexed as to why they were receiving multiple emails from her. The GOP sent out their usual email touting their candidates' strengths, and yes, the day of, said turn out was high (fact) and Indivisible was reportedly pouring thousands into the race. Ruth Walter ran Nordahl's campaign - she's pictured front and center in an article this week as part of Indivisible leadership. Donations of money, facilities, hospitality...all of that is counted So stop accusing people of things and sullying Mr. Primps' sterling reputation.
#4 Carolyn C Martin DATE_FORMAT_LC1
Kudos to Mr. Gaston for signing his name to his letter. Would that all correspondents had the courage to do the same, as well as the editors the professionalism to require.
#3 Persona N. Grata DATE_FORMAT_LC1
Contact Mueller, maybe he can roll this into the Russian probe. Afterwards you can give yourself a big pat on the back and get yourself all frothed up over the next inconsequential Village election. Get a life!
#2 Concerned taxpayer DATE_FORMAT_LC1
I missed the part where a law requiring congress to balance the budget would be a bad idea. Same should go for any municipality that spends taxpayer money. I pray that won't be an issue here in this great Village of ours.
Since the margin is so close why is there not another election? This would give both parties a level playing field if Mr. Primps truly disavows the disparaging emails. It is also the "right thing" to do given our small Village and how we raise our kid to treat others.


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