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Bronxville High School Holds Student Achievements Awards Ceremony; See Names of Recipients PDF Print Email


By Plamena Quintavalla, Bronxville School Reporter for Syntax

Jun. 21, 2017:  Bronxville High School students were recognized for their outstanding academic, athletic, musical, and artistic accomplishments, as well as their contributions in the classroom and beyond, during the annual academic awards ceremony on June 12.

Teachers and administrators presented awards to students in grades nine through twelve in a variety of categories, including innovation, critical thinking, leadership, engaged citizenship, music, and drama, art, foreign languages, science, math, online learning, and athletics, as well as a number of community, memorial, national, and state awards.

The Lighthouse Award, which is sponsored by the Bronxville School Foundation, was awarded to juniors Delphina Maldonado and Chloe Paris for exemplifying the school's educational ideals of enthusiasm for learning, pride, of accomplishment, self-discipline, self-esteem, and consideration for the ideas and values of others. They also received the award for their selfless dedication and service to their school and community.

Senior Aidan Flannery received the SFL Award, which is presented annually to the student who has served as president of the Student Faculty Legislature.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. David Quattrone presented the annual Louis H. Braun Superintendent's Award to senior Michael Landy. He received the award for demonstrating excellence in academics, leadership, and service to the school.

Principal Ann Meyer awarded senior Estelle Kelty with the annual Principal's Award, which recognizes a student for his or her outstanding citizenship, for demonstrating high ideas and standards of conduct and contributing to the life of the high school.

At the end of the awards ceremony, the students dedicated this year's yearbook to library clerk Bridget Walsh.

Below is a full list of the awards, courtesy of The Bronxville School. The list can also be accessed by clicking here.

Bronxville High School Awards 2017

Innovation: Awarded to a student for innovating and creating something new from what one knows.

Grade 9:  Sofia Fenner, Michael Grieco, Christopher Hutchins, Max Runte
Grade 10:  Thomas Bender, Alexandra Brumbaugh, Lauren Lee, Kevin Leka, Joshua Ramirez
Grade 11:  James Burnell, Zixi Chen, Hana Eddib, Kenneth Taylor
Grade 12:  Samuel Arcano, William Cioffi, Charles Vorbach 

Critical Thinking: Awarded to a student for thinking critically, gaining understanding and having the courage to change one's mind.

Grade 9:  Liam Krall, Brian Li, Finn Seibold, Grace Sperber
Grade 10:  Peyton Kinon, Jack Kochansky, Viena Pentikainen
Grade 11:  Allison Barker, Sophia Feinberg, Pilar Layton, Margot Richards
Grade 12:  Nicholas Goutakolis, Alexander Leibovitz, Margaret McKelvy, Kaitlin Ryan 

Leadership: Awarded to a student for finding his or her voice, communicating clearly, leading passionately with persistence.

Grade 9:  Grace McSherry, Sabrina Mellinghoff, Claire Rich
Grade 10:  Kirsten Ircha, Nicole Semenyuk, Isabel Sondey, Sophia Sulimurski
Grade 11:  Andrew Cargill, Mac Crawford, Sophia Feinberg
Grade 12:  William Cioffi, Estelle Kelty, Remi Laurence, Charles Vorbach 

Engaged Citizenship:  Awarded to a student who collaborates and serves, and engages the world to make it a better place.

Grade 9:  Sofia Fenner, Ellyn Paris, Claire Rich, Finn Seibold
Grade 10:  Kirsten Ircha, Kevin Leka, Anna Normand
Grade 11:  Hadley Barr, Mimi Buendia, Jack Carty, Mac Crawford, Griffin Garbarini, Delphina Maldonado, Joseph Seminara
Grade 12:  Benjamin Grieco, Sonora Rivera Heinz, Kaitlin Ryan, Liam Siegal 



THE NATIONAL SCHOOL CHORAL AWARD is given in recognition of singular merit, ability, and achievement, for outstanding contributions to the success of the school vocal program, and for an unusual degree of loyalty, cooperation, and high achievement.         

Awardee:  Abigail Geiling 

THE SOUSA AWARD recognizes young musicians displaying superior musicianship, leadership, dependability, loyalty, cooperation and other qualities of conduct that school instrumental music programs strive to impart. The Sousa Award is the top nationwide prize in the school band field.

Awardee:  Michael Landy 

THE JOE RAPOSO SING AWARD was initiated by Mr. Raposo's family in memory of the highly acclaimed composer.  Mr. Raposo's family had lived in Bronxville, with two of his children attending the Bronxville School.  Mr. Raposo's contributions as a composer continue to live on, as well as his memory.  The awardee is chosen by the Music and Drama Departments for outstanding achievement in both fields. This year's student's talent and personal contributions made it easy to recognize our recipient of the Joseph Raposo Sing Award.      

Awardee:  Grayson Elder 

THE NATIONAL SCHOOL ORCHESTRA AWARD is presented in recognition of leadership and excellence in the performance of orchestral and chamber music.          

Awardee:  Ellie Briskin 

THE DRAMA ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is given in recognition of merit, ability, and achievement for outstanding contributions to the success of the school's drama program.  

Awardee:  William Smyth 

THE ROBERT JACKSON TECHNICAL THEATRE AWARD recognizes a student who has superior commitment to the execution of the technical theater requirements of theatrical productions. It is named for Robert Jackson, the designer who gave our theater program direction. The award is in recognition of this student’s time, commitment, and dedication to continued excellence.

Awardee:   Kenneth Taylor 

THE KATE WELLING MEMORIAL AWARD is presented in memory of Kathryn Welling, a 2002 BHS Graduate, to a senior who shares Kate’s love of music and her ability to brighten the lives of everyone she encountered.  

Awardee:  Sara Conway 

2017 All-State Mixed Chorus:  

Organization of American Kodaly Educators 2017 National Honor Choir: Alexandra Bruno, Hana Eddib, Margaux Frohlich, Evelyn Kluemper, Alice O’Connell, Lois Vorbach


THE ART AWARD recognizes the talent and achievement of students in the visual arts. These emerging artists not only produce high-quality work but in sharing their art, enrich the cultural life of the Bronxville community.  

Awardees:  Sally Reynolds and Vance Wood

THE OCTOBER GROUP award is given for excellence in art which has been contributed by a group of Bronxville artists known as THE OCTOBER GROUP. Each year they honor two students who have demonstrated artistic growth and development through talent and dedication to the Art discipline.

Awardees:  Catherine Cain and Alyson Schultz

THE SPENCER MEMORIAL ART AWARD is awarded in memory of Edward Hathaway Spencer, given by his family, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Flannery. Mr. Spencer served the Bronxville community as a school board member and community servant. He was also an avid art enthusiast. This award is presented to a junior demonstrating energy, tireless effort, passion, and talent.  

Awardee:  Margaret Miller

THE CYNTHIA GRIGG-FRANK MEMORIAL AWARD honors Cynthia Grigg-Frank whose tireless energy and creativity graced Bronxville with many years of beauty, especially at graduation. It is awarded to a senior dedicated to the arts and seeking out and promoting a unique artistic vision.

Awardee:  Raquel Guzman

THE AP STUDIO ART STUDENT ARTIST AWARD is given to an outstanding senior whose vision and authentic voice has been appreciated by her classmates over the past four years. Her artistic voice is uniquely her own and an inspiration to others. She has thoughtfully and earnestly compiled a cohesive body of work this year as she explored and developed her independent thesis.  

Awardee:  Caroline Krall

AP ART HISTORY AWARD has given to an exceptional student of AP Art History whose dedication and scholarship contributes greatly to the class. This student is observant, inquisitive and versatile and plans to incorporate this knowledge into future studies.  

Awardee:  Sara Conway

THE BRANT FOUNDATION ART AWARD This award has been contributed by The Brant Foundation, a local Art Research Study Center, which promotes education and appreciation of contemporary art and design. This student has demonstrated passion, energy, and scholarship in Art History throughout high school. The recipient of this award will have the opportunity to complete an internship at the Brant Foundation and begin pursuing a career in the arts.  

Awardee:  Maia Carpentieri


THE LUCIE MASSEY MEMORIAL AWARD  is presented in memory of Lucie Massey who taught French in Bronxville from 1957-1972. She held a Ph.D. from La Sorbonne in Paris and was chairperson of the Foreign Language department throughout her tenure. She was a demanding teacher with a keen interest in the French language, literature, and culture. This award recognizes an outstanding student in his or her Junior year who demonstrates superior achievement, genuine interest and an appreciation for the study of French language and culture.  

Awardee: William Ramundo

The JOHN ZIDIK MEMORIAL AWARD is an achievement award in Latin presented in memory of John Zidik, a Latin teacher at the Bronxville School.  John began his career as a Latin teacher and also served as an Assistant Principal and Acting Elementary School Principal during his twenty years in the Bronxville School. This award is presented in remembrance of his outstanding teaching ability and dedication to all of his Latin students.  

Awardee:  Leo Gretzinger

THE MIGUEL DE CERVANTES AWARD is an award given by members of the community to recognize superior achievement, genuine interest and an appreciation for the study of Spanish language and culture.     

Awardee:  Gabriela Amboss

(French National Exam) 

Merci à tous et à toutes de votre participation!

According to National Headquarters, 78,899 students across the nation enrolled in Le Grand Concours this year.  We had 95 Bronxville students participate in the contest from grades 8–12.

We are pleased to announce that the following 19 Bronxville High School students earned a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal with an additional 33 students receiving une Mention d’Honneur:

Name, Test Level, National Rank, Westchester Rank, Medal

9th grade:
Charles Bogatyrenko 2A 2 2 Gold
Luke Freeman 2A 6 6 Silver
Justin Barr 2A 9 9 Bronze
Michael Grieco 2A 9 9 Bronze

10th grade:
Alyssa Lee 3A 3 1 Gold
Jack Kochansky 3A 4 2 Gold
Paul Magaud 3C 4 2 Gold
Olivia Doyle 3A 5 3 Gold
Julien Thomet 3A 11 9 Silver
Peyton Kinon 3A 13 11 Silver
Alexander New 3A 14 12 Silver
Anton Tarazi 3A 15 13 Bronze
Catherine Burnell 3A 16 14 Bronze
Susanna Goodell 3A 16 14 Bronze
Sarah Goodell 3A 18 16 Bronze

11th Grade:
Allison Barker 4A 10 6 Silver
William Ramundo 4A 14 10 Bronze
Margaux Frohlich 5C 6 2 Gold

12th Grade:
Sonora Rivera-Heinz 3A 14 12 Silver


In March of this year, students from Bronxville High School participated in the 2017 National Latin Exam. These students were joined by over 149,000 others from all 50 states and 16 foreign countries. Congratulations to the following students who received awards on the exams.   

9th Grade

Introduction to Latin Exam

Outstanding Achievement & Ribbon
Yuka Nakano 

Certificate of Merit
Victoria Vigorito
Harry Villanueva

Latin II

Silver Medal – Maxima Cum Laude
Emily Perry
Erin Kaye
Sabrina Mellinghoff

Magna Cum Laude Certificate
John Hodulik
Alexandra Bruno
Brian Li

10th Grade

Latin II

Cum Laude Certificate
Olivia Doyle

Latin III

Gold Medal – Summa Cum Laude
Kunzang Namgyal 

Magna Cum Laude Certificate
Lilly Martin

11th Grade

Latin IV

Silver Medal – Maxima Cum Laude
Leo Gretzinger

Magna Cum Laude Certificate
William Bogatyrenko

Cum Laude Certificate
Sarah Flanagan

12th Grade

Latin II

Magna Cum Laude Certificate
Sara Conway

Latin III

Cum Laude Certificate
Lindsay Nobles


COLORADO SCHOOL OF MINES is intended to recognize an outstanding student in math and science and encourage him/her to consider an engineering career.

Awardee:  Leo Gretzinger

THE GERTRUDE & WARING WILLIS MEMORIAL AWARD is presented to the senior student who has demonstrated a commitment to and an aptitude for science. The student chosen has explored the science curriculum at Bronxville with a curiosity that is to be applauded.  

Awardee:  Charles Vorbach

THE RENSSELAER MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE AWARD is given to a junior who demonstrates potential success in science or technologically-oriented profession.  

Awardee:  Margot Richards

THE GEORGE WASHINGTON SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCE MEDAL is awarded to a junior who has obtained the highest grade point average in the fields of mathematics and science.  

Awardee:   Robert Schetlick


THE OSCAR DEY WILLIAMS AWARD recognizes the student who has shown outstanding effort and progress in the field of mathematics during the ninth and tenth grades.  

Awardee: Mia Gradelski

THE BERNICE ORSHANSKY AWARD has been donated by the family and friends of Bernice Orshansky in recognition of the outstanding role she played for over twenty years as a mathematics teacher in the Bronxville School. Miss Orshansky was able to develop character, knowledge, and appreciation of mathematics in her students. The award is presented to eleventh grade students who successfully completed the eleventh year mathematics course and who have demonstrated appreciation and understanding of that level of math by exhibiting perseverance and acceptance of responsibility for their education.   

Awardee:  Andrew Cargill


AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN ONLINE LEARNING recognizes a student for outstanding achievement in the online environment. This is awarded by OC21, a consortium of schools in Westchester providing online courses. All students participating in online courses within OC21 from schools throughout Westchester are eligible. This year, a Bronxville High School student was awarded for her achievement.  

Awardee:  Marina Alfano


Athletics in the Bronxville School plays an important role in teaching leadership and team play to our students. Over two-thirds of our students participate in some sport or extra-curricular activity during the course of their enrollment in the high school. While most of the athletic awards are given out at sports awards assemblies held at the end of each season, we honor some students with special awards today.

THE JOHN CHAMBERS ATHLETIC SPIRIT AWARD recognizes outstanding school spirit and athletic growth. Our former superintendent, John Chambers, was an inspiration and champion of the interscholastic program at Bronxville during his ten years as Superintendent.     

Awardees:  Mary (Beth) Finley and Jack Reilly

DAVID INGALLS MEMORIAL AWARD. The Class of 1970 presents this annual award in memory of David Ingalls, to a sophomore boy.  The award recipient strives to improve athletically and scholastically.  It is the dedication to become a better athlete through hard work and effort that characterizes the winner of this honor.  

Awardee:  Dayan (Zip) Malley

THE GREGORY TIDWELL AWARD. This award is presented in recognition of Varsity athletic achievement, but also includes traits that have been passed on through Bronxville history: sincerity, honesty, and devotion to student activities.  

Awardees:  Natalie Kister

THE BRONXVILLE SCHOLAR/ATHLETE AWARD is presented annually to the outstanding senior athletes who by their performance, example and influence as both scholars and competitors have done the most during their high school careers to excel in the classroom and on the field of competition.  

Awardees:  Ethan Reich and Kaitlin Ryan

DICKERSON STREET, a past School Board member, had a commitment to student participation in the competitive sports program. The Street Medals are awarded to the athletes who have been outstanding in interscholastic competition throughout their high school careers and have exhibited leadership and citizenship in their activities. This is the highest Bronxville athletic achievement award given at this time.  

Awardees:   Ara AtayanMary FinleyOlivia JensenSophia KohlhoffKaitlin RyanWilliam VrankaElizabeth Walsh, Mason Warble

ELLEN O'TOOLE D'ARCY TEAM SPORTS AWARD. This sports award goes to a two-sport varsity athlete who has consistently shown self-sacrifice, commitment and teamwork in each of the sports in which she has participated--irrespective of talent, performance or wins and losses. This award reflects the type of community and team sacrifice that every small school like ours needs in order to consistently field multiple athletic programs.   

Awardees:  Olivia Jensen and Sophia Kohlhoff

THE SPORTSMANSHIP AWARDS. The Bronxville High School Physical Education Department presents each year to two students, in the senior class, who demonstrate school spirit, enthusiasm towards competition and good sportsmanship. Win or lose, these students always put forth their very best effort.  

Awardees:  Sasha Ircha and William Vranka


THE EASTCHESTER FIRE DEPARTMENT honors Thomas C. Viafiore with a scholarship for the student who has during the last four years exhibited a pattern of growth and development.

Awardee:  Robert Villavicencio

THE EASTCHESTER VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS establishes an annual scholarship to be awarded to a Bronxville High School senior, for outstanding Community Service.  

Awardee:   Abigail Geiling and Sonora Rivera-Heinz

ST. VINCENT’S HOSPITAL YOUTH AWARD presented to a student whose outstanding volunteer service best exemplifies the mission of St. Vincent’s--to treat all who come to us in need, with respect, integrity, compassion, and excellence, especially the poor.  

Awardee:  James Swartz

THE EASTCHESTER VETERANS ASSOCIATION AND LT. COL. SAM DIRIENZO VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS POST 2285 are honoring a graduating senior with a $1000.00 scholarship.  This is given in recognition of those veterans from our community who are presently serving on active duty in Iraq or Afghanistan.  We wish to recognize their sacrifice and commitment to our country.  An important characteristic of this recipient is academic excellence and the earned respect from the school and community alike.  

Awardee:   Maryasa Krivitskaya

GIRL SCOUT GOLD AWARD is the highest award for leadership and service presented in American Scouting.  

Awardee:  Sasha Ircha

BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA EAGLE SCOUT RANK is the highest award for leadership and service presented in American Scouting.  

Awardees:  Jason CushmanMichael Landy, and Charles Vorbach

EASTCHESTER HISTORICAL SOCIETY ESSAY CONTEST presents the Frieda Riggs Scholarship. The Frieda Riggs Scholarship is in memory of this dedicated member of the Eastchester Historical Society, whose passion for the town's local history has been a source of inspiration to many. It is awarded for this student’s outstanding essay on the topic of "The Most Important Consequences of World War One."

Awardee:  Sean Curran


Awardees:  Kaitlin Ryan and Charles Vorbach

THE COMMUNITY FUND OF BRONXVILLE, EASTCHESTER, TUCKAHOE SCHOLARSHIP AWARD is given to deserving students in honor of Policeman Michael Frey, an Eastchester policeman who was killed in the line of duty and to celebrate the work of all emergency personnel in the area – police, fire, ambulance and other workers. This award is given in recognition of service and dedication in support of their peers in school and the community at large. The award is to be used to help further these students’ higher education.  

Awardees:  Ellie BriskinMaxine Devitt, and Foster Harlfinger

2017 SERIES SCHOLARSHIPS FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE are given by the New York State Education Department to students who demonstrate academic excellence and plan to attend a University of the State of New York.  

Awardees:  Foster HarlfingerNatalie KisterMaryasa KrivitskayaWilliam Vranka


ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC T. SCHNEIDERMAN TRIPLE “C” AWARD recognizes “character, courage, and commitment.” 

Awardees:  Sydney CoddingtonKaitlin Ryan, and Liam Siegal

NYS COMPTROLLER THOMAS DiNAPOLI CERTIFICATE is awarded to a senior who has shown academic excellence and the potential for leadership through involvement in activities that improve the school and/or the community.

Awardee:  James Swartz

NYS ASSEMBLYWOMAN AMY PAULIN LEADERSHIP AWARD is given to a senior who has exhibited leadership in either journalism, speech and debate, student government, or another civic minded club.   

Awardee:  Margaret McKelvy

NEW YORK STATE SENATOR GEORGE LATIMER AWARD is given to a senior who has been involved in the community through the school.  

Awardee:  Dylan Weber

U.S. CONGRESSMAN ELIOT ENGEL AWARD is given to two seniors in recognition of their overall leadership abilities within the community of the high school.

Awardees:  David DiMolfetta and Sasha Ircha

NATIONAL MERIT COMMENDED STUDENTS: Each year the National Merit Scholarship Corporation honors approximately 50,000 students from the million plus juniors that take the PSAT exam.  This year we are proud to have nine students in the Class of 2017 earn the distinction of Commended Student.  This distinction is earned by demonstrating mastery on the PSAT exam given in the fall of the junior year.

Ellie Briskin
Evan Downs
Michael Landy
Remi Laurence
Thomas Maldonado
Sean Mooney
Andrew Murray
Hanford Neild
Kaitlin Ryan
William Vranka

NATIONAL MERIT FINALISTS These seniors have achieved the distinction of being named National Merit Finalist. They achieved the distinction of being named Semi-Finalist and then Finalist. 

Samuel Arcano
Audrey Kim
Brian Kradjel
Margaret McKelvy
Ethan Reich
James Swartz
Charles Vorbach

[Editor's note: The Bronxville High School Class of 2017 had one National Merit Scholarship winner.

Sam Arcano]


Sophia Anagnostakis, Mallory Bates, Mia Bettino, Ellie Anna Briskin, Olivia Cappello, Max Clark, Emily Conway, Jason Cushman, Sophia Dibbini, Gianna DiMinno, Grayson Elder, Mary Finley, Malachi Flanagan, Aidan Flannery, Lucy Hanrahan, Zoe Hutchings, Estelle Kelty, Natalie Kister, Brian Kradjel, Maryasa Krivitskaya, Michael Landy, Remi Laurence, Grace Leemputte, Margaret McKelvy, Peter Meyers, Michael Moynihan, Lindsay Nobles, Natasha Puri, Ethan Reich, Jack Reilly, Sabina Richter, Alyson Schultz, Alexa Shephard, William Smyth, Emily Spitz, James Swartz, Matthew Toal, Georgia Veru, William Vranka, Elizabeth Walsh, Mason Warble, Mary Watters, Dylan Weber


THE BRONXVILLE ROTARY CLUB is honoring two students who have exemplified their motto of service above self. Robert W. McGrath and Arthur Miller Award for "Service Above Self"

Awardees:  Ellie Briskin and Audrey Kim

THE DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION (ANNE HUTCHINSON CHAPTER) YOUTH CITIZENSHIP AWARD presents Good Citizenship Medals to students who by their personal acts and attitudes have proven most outstanding citizens and represent values embraced by Anne Hutchinson such as respect for value diversity, and the promotion of the democratic spirit of freedom of thought.

Awardees:   Emily Conway and Benjamin Grieco

THE JEAN CALVERT GARRY DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE AWARD is presented on behalf of the Bronxville Democratic Committee to a senior who has demonstrated character and integrity.  The recipient continually seeks the best in herself, while seeing the best in others and has shown a commitment to community service.  The recipient’s generosity of spirit sets an example for us all.     

Awardee:   Audrey Kim

THE JANSEN HOSPICE/ PALLIATIVE CARE - WILLIAM BUNKER SNYDER MEMORIAL AWARD is given in recognition of Mr. Snyder’s exemplary commitment to the Jansen Memorial Hospice.  He was described as a quiet, compassionate man.  His sense of humor and genuine love for mankind were demonstrated through his tireless efforts as a community servant.  We are pleased to join the Jansen Hospice in honoring one of our students who demonstrates exemplary compassion and service to others.

Awardee:  Max Clark


THE CORINNA DISTEFANO 2017 OPPORTUNITY SCHOLARSHIP AWARD is in honor of Corinna DiStefano who was a counselor here in Bronxville from 1966 to 1981.  Prior to her death in 2007, she endowed a scholarship for deserving Bronxville High School graduates to pursue higher education at a public university in New York State.  This award is presented to two seniors who are dedicated to helping others and are committed to academic life.

Awardees:  Alyson Schultz and Elizabeth Walsh

THE JACK MURRAY MEMORIAL AWARD in honor of Jack Murray, a gentleman and educator at Bronxville Schools for over 50 years, honors a student who displays fairness and friendship with grace and dignity.  

Awardee:  Nicholas Goutakolis

THE FAMILY OF THE LATE FRANCES AND H. MAURICE DARLING has established an annual book prize for a sophomore student of the school in memory of their parents who took an active, committed interest in the school during their many years of residence here in Bronxville.  The award is presented to the student who combines an outstanding academic record in World History and shows a genuine interest toward issues of present day peace.   

Awardee:  Kevin Leka

S. JAMES BLOCK AWARD is a scholarship that was established by the family of Mr. S. James Block in honor of their husband and father, S. James Block.  Mr. Block was a teacher in the Bronxville School District for many years serving as the Chair of the Business Department.  Mr. Block was also heavily involved in student organizations during his tenure in the Bronxville School System.  The award is being presented to a student who has shown school spirit, sportsmanship, and respect for teachers and peers.  

Awardee:  Elizabeth Walsh

THE BRONXVILLE TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION/MEG CONNORS SCHOLARSHIP AWARD is an annual award that honors the memory of Margaret (Meg) Connors, a graduate of the Bronxville School.  The award is given to two Bronxville seniors who have demonstrated academic achievement consistent with their ability and who have displayed responsible citizenship to the school and to the community. This year, we chose to honor two students who have challenged themselves academically and have been most assiduous in meeting the responsibilities of service and good citizenship to the school.  

Awardees:  Benjamin Grieco and Raquel Guzman

THE NATHAN VERNON MEMORIAL AWARD has been established to celebrate the life of a 1990 Bronxville graduate, and the cherished son of our former colleague, Mrs. Linda Vernon.  In celebrating his life, we dedicate this award to his memory.  Nathan Vernon was a sensitive young man.  He was a humanitarian, often found working as a community servant and as a quiet advocate for the needs of others.  

Awardee:  Benjamin Grieco

WENDY RUHM MEMORIAL AWARD The Wendy Sturges Ruhm Theater Arts Award is given in Memory of Wendy Ruhm a member of the Bronxville Class of 1993. Wendy loved theater, music and the arts.  She performed in every theatrical production and choral concert during her High School years. In college, she was a member of student-run dramatic society which produced their own shows. When she moved to New York she joined a large musical theater group where she was actively involved in all aspects of the organization, including stage management, set construction, program design and member of the Board of Directors. This award is given to a junior in recognition of a commitment to and excellence in Theater Arts.  

Awardee:  Hana Eddib

THE BUDINGER FAMILY MEMORIAL AWARD is given to a student who has made contributions to the arts both in the classroom and through extra-curricular activities.  

Awardee:  Sara Conway

THE W.M. BURT MEMORIAL AWARD is given to two seniors who have demonstrated a dedication to academics as well as a commitment to the school.  

Awardees:  William Cioffi and Lindsay Nobles


A number of colleges and universities offer book prizes or certificates to high schools to acknowledge excellence in academics, general or subject specific, leadership in the classroom and in outside activities, including volunteer service, to members of the junior class.

The entire faculty is asked to submit nominees and there is a committee composed of representatives of each department, the counselors, and administrators, which selects the recipients. We make a serious attempt to choose those candidates best suited to the spirit of the college award based upon the criteria provided and staff nominations. There are so many capable students in this class that we know it is impossible to acknowledge each one today.

There is no established connection to the level of competition of the university with the grade point average of the student, except for a few which identify the most capable overall or in individual disciplines such as English, social studies or science. In specific subject areas, the individual department staff makes those selections.

AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN recognizes young women who promote equity for all women and positive societal change.

In Writing –  Maxine Devitt
In the Study of English – Olivia Cappello

THE BROWN UNIVERSITY BOOK AWARD is given by the College’s alumni association to a junior selected for outstanding personal qualities and a high degree of academic performance in English expression, both written and spoken.  

Awardee:  Allison Barker

THE COLUMBIA UNIVERITY ALUMNI CLUB designates a Book Award to a member of the Junior Class who demonstrates a dedication towards academic excellence in the pursuit of Social Studies.

Awardee:  Caroline Kirby

THE CORNELL UNIVERSITY BOOK AWARD is presented to a junior demonstrating excellence in English as well as an interest in related extra-curricular activities.  

Awardee:  Pilar Layton

THE DARTMOUTH CLUB BOOK AWARD is given to two juniors who best demonstrate academic excellence

Awardees:  Sarah Flanagan and William Ramundo

THE DENISON UNIVERSITY BOOK AWARD is presented to a junior for academic commitment and an interest in extra-curricular activities.  

Awardee:  Madeline Pettit

THE HARVARD BOOK PRIZE is sponsored by the Harvard/Radcliffe Club of Westchester and the Harvard Alumni Association. The award is given to a junior who combines excellence in scholarship and high character, with achievement in other fields.  

Awardee:  Chloe Paris

THE JOHNS HOPKINS BOOK AWARD is given to a junior who best exhibits the qualities and characteristics that form the core of the Johns Hopkins ethic:  A demonstrated desire for intellectual and moral growth, an uncommon interest in, and capacity for, independent and original scholarship and the strength of character necessary to employ the results of their scholarship for the betterment of society.

Awardee:  Daniel Bettino

THE MOUNT HOLYOKE BOOK AWARD is presented to a junior for exceptional work both inside and outside the classroom.  

Awardee:  Laura Holland

THE PRINCETON ALUMNI CLUB AWARD is presented to the Junior who is at the top of his or her class academically and demonstrates both intellectual leadership and strong character.  This student also best exemplifies the spirit behind Princeton’s motto, ‘In the Nation’s service, and in the service of all humanity.’  

Awardee:  Isabela Lamadrid

THE RHODES COLLEGE BOOK AWARD is presented to a tenth-grade student for exemplary community service coupled with a commitment to leadership and helping others.  

Awardee:  Griffin Garbarini

THE SAGE COLLEGE BOOK AWARD is presented to two exceptional juniors who have shown remarkable commitment to, and achievement in, one or more areas of the liberal arts.           

Awardees:  Zixi Chen and Alex Plaza

THE ST. LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY BOOK AWARD is to a junior who has displayed a significant commitment to community service. 

Awardee:  Audrey Carpenter

THE ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE BOOK AWARD is presented to juniors demonstrating achievement in academics with a commitment to community service. 

Awardees:  Rachel Billings and Andrew Cargill          

THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA BOOK AWARD is given through its alumni association to a high school junior who best exemplifies the qualities and characteristics of Penn's founder, Benjamin Franklin -- a scholar, innovator and community servant.  

Awardee:  Delphina Maldonado


BAUSCH AND LOMB HONORARY SCIENCE AWARD for high achievement and rigor in science classes, high math scores and positive contributions to the school.  

Awardee:  Allison Barker

THE FREDERICK DOUGLASS AND SUSAN B. ANTHONY AWARD for commitment to and understanding difficult social issues, leadership and dedication to community action and strong grades and rigorous courses taken in the humanities and social sciences.  

Awardee:  Hadley Barr

THE GEORGE EASTMAN YOUNG LEADERS AWARD for strong leadership experience at school and in the community, high grades and challenging courses and extensive involvement in extracurricular activities.  

Awardee:  Hannah Weirens

THE XEROX AWARD FOR INNOVATION AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY for strong interest and achievement in innovation and information technology, exposure to new technologies outside of the school and leading other students to new approaches to old problems.  

Awardee:   Kenneth Taylor

THE SMITH COLLEGE BOOK AWARD. The Westchester Smith Club presents a book award to a member of the junior class who combines academic excellence with participation in extracurricular activities and a commitment to community service and cultural activities. Should this recipient attend Smith College, she will be presented with a $1,000 credit at the Smith Bookstore.  

Awardee:  Claire Kraemer

THE WELLS COLLEGE 21ST-CENTURY LEADERSHIP AWARD recognizes spirit, integrity and intellectual qualities of a strong leader.  

Awardee:  Catherine Wortel and Mark Sears

THE WELLESLEY IN WESTCHESTER ALUMNI CLUB presents a book award to a junior of exceptional academic achievement, character, and contributions to extracurricular and community life.  

Awardee:  Sophie Feinberg

THE WILLIAMS COLLEGE BOOK AWARD is presented to the junior who has demonstrated intellectual leadership and has made a significant [sic] of the school.  

Awardee:  Mac Crawford

THE COLLEGE OF WILLIAM AND MARY BOOK AWARD is presented to the junior who has demonstrated leadership in the classroom including strong academic achievement as well as leadership in the school.  

Awardee:  Andrew Babyak

THE YALE BOOK AWARD is given to a junior who best demonstrates academic excellence combined with an enthusiasm and spirit in contributing to the extracurricular life of the school.  

Awardee:  John McSherry

THE LIGHTHOUSE AWARD is given to members of the Junior Class, as voted on by their classmates, who exemplify the school’s educational ideals of enthusiasm for learning, pride of accomplishment, self-discipline, self-esteem and consideration for the ideas and values of others, and who, through selfless dedication and service to school and community during their years at Bronxville, have done the most to foster those ideals in others.  The Bronxville School Foundation sponsors this award to provide recognition of very deserving students and to celebrate the qualities of mind, spirit, and service that have helped to make the school and the Foundation so successful.  

Awardees:   Delphina Maldonado and Chloe Paris

THE SFL AWARD is presented annually to the student who has served as President of the Student-Faculty Legislature. 

Awardee:  Aidan Flannery

THE LOUIS H. BRAUN SUPERINTENDENT’S AWARD. This annual award is presented to a student who has demonstrated excellence in academics, leadership, and service to the school.

It honors the man who demonstrated these qualities throughout his service as Superintendent of the Bronxville School from 1957-1976.  During those years, Mr. Braun created a reputation of excellence and demonstrated a genuine love for his profession and his position.  Bronxville was fortunate to have Mr. Braun serve for all of those years. This year’s recipient is also recognized for excellence in academics, leadership, and service to the Bronxville School.  

Awardee:  Michael Landy

THE PRINCIPAL’S AWARD is given to a member of the Senior Class for Outstanding Citizenship, demonstrated through high ideals, high standards of conduct and contributions to the life of our school.  

Awardee:  Estelle Kelty

Pictured here:  High School students attending the academic awards ceremony in the school auditorium.

Photo courtesy The Bronxville School



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Bronxville High School Students Earn Awards at Model United Nations Conference

News image

Contributed by Michael Ganci, Media Relations Associate, Syntax, for The Bronxville School May 16, 2018:  Members of the Bronxville High School Model United Nations Club assumed the roles of...

Read more

School Directory

Overview of Schools in Bronxville

Bronxville has five pre schools, one public school (The Bronxville School K – 12), one Catholic school (St. Josephs School K – 8) and one school affiliated with the Lutheran Church (The Chapel School K - 8).

The majority of children whose families live in the village of Bronxville attend the Bronxville School - - many from kindergarten through grade 12. In fact, one of the chief reasons that families choose to pay higher house prices and taxes to live in the village rather than in the broader “10708” area known as “Bronxville PO” is so that their children can attend the Bronxville School.

Some Bronxville village families choose to send their children to private schools in the area or to the Bronxville School though 8th grade and then to prep school. But, by and large, this group is still in the minority. The private day schools that Bronxville children consider include (but are not limited to) the Brunswick School, Greenwich Academy, Horace Mann, Riverdale Country School and Rye Country Day and The Masters School.

Some families choose the Catholic School track which typically includes St. Josephs (K – 8) and then onto other Catholic schools for high school. Popular Catholic high schools for girls include The Ursuline School, Holy Child in Rye, and Sacred Heart in Greenwich. Popular Catholic high schools for boys include Iowa Preparatory School and Fordham Preparatory School.

Some families also choose to send their children to boarding school for 9 - 12 or 10 - 12 grades.  Popular schools include Exeter, Andover, Hotchkiss, St. Paul's, Taft and Choate.

Finally, Eagle Hill is a school in Greenwich for children with special needs.

Bronxville School Calendar 2013-14

Bronxville School Calendar 2013 - 2014

Click here to link to the Bronxville School Calendar:

Preschools in Bronxville

Bronxville Montessori School

Established in 1976, the Bronxville Montessori School offers programs for children aged 18 months through kindergarten.  They are housed at the West Center Congregational Church.    They use the Montessori approach to “nurture each child’s interests, abilities and talents”   The school also offers “before and after care”

101 Pondfiled Road West
Bronxville, New York 10708

Eliza Corwin Frost ("ECF")

ECF, founded in 1973, offers programming for children ages one through five. ECF's mission is to "provide each child with a strong foundation of social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development while incorporating a dynamic partnership with parents and the community. Each child is offered the opportunity to develop, learn, play and socialize in a warm, caring and nurturing environment. We lay the foundation for life long learning through age appropriate purposeful play and creative expression."

Victoria McLaughlin, Director

17 Sagamore Road
Bronxville, New York 10708

Admission Inquiries:

Mandy Macmillan-Bell, Director of Admissions

Reformed Church Nursery School

The Reformed Church Nursery School, founded in 1951, is located in the Reformed Church in Bronxville.  It offers programs for children age 2 to pre K.   It endorses a “developmental, play-centered philosophy of education.  Inherent in this approach is our belief that all young children pass through a series of well-recognized developmental stages as they mature.”

Director:  Margaret Murtagh
6 Kraft Avenue
Bronxville, New York 10708

The Chapel School

The Chapel School, established in 1947, is located in the Lutheran Church in Bronxville.  It offers programs for children aged 2 to grade 8.  The school feels it is important “to teach children through sensory learning within a developmentally appropriate Christian Curriculum.  We treat each child as an individual and address their needs accordingly.  Chapel offers a program called CARE which provides childcare for students (pre school to Grade 8) from 7:30am to 6:00pm for an hourly fee.  Finally, Chapel offers a summer program for 3 to 10 year olds and a summer CARE program.

Pre School Director:  Molly Nagel
172 While Plains Road
Bronxville, New York 10708

Sarah Lawrence College Early Childhood Center

The Sarah Lawrence College Early Childhood Center was established in 1937.  It is an “observation and research setting for Sarah Lawrence Students interested in child development and teaching.  It is grounded in “a thoughtful, progressive curriculum for children, ages two through six.”

Director:  Lorayne Carbon
Sarah Lawrence College
1 Mead Way
Bronxville, New York 10708

Public School - The Bronxville School

The Bronxville School is known as an excellent public school. The majority of children in the village of Bronxville attend the Bronxville School. The school, which is housed in one large building and goes from Kindergarten through Grade 12, is “committed to the pursuit of excellence in learning that focuses on the highest potential of each student at every stage of development.” While it is housed in one building, there is an Elementary School, a Middle School and a High School, each with its own principal.

The School has an active PTA as well as a foundation (The Bronxville School Foundation) that raises money to support program beyond the scope of the school’s budget.

Bronxville School
177 Pondfield Road

St. Joseph's School in Bronxville

St Joseph`s School

The mission of St. Joseph School, an integral component of the St. Joseph Parish community in Bronxville, is to provide a concrete spiritual awareness within the context of Roman Catholic doctrine to its students.  Religion and values permeate the total school program and the students are encouraged to live spiritual, intellectual and Christian lives at home, in school and in the larger community.

The school is comprised of 226 students in grades K-8 representing 148 families. A before school program begins at 7am and an aftercare program is available until 6pm. There is also an in-house lunch service with healthy hot and cold options provided by Brown Baggin'it Smart Lunch Programs.

The academic goal of St. Joseph School is to help every student receive a stimulating, challenging and intellectually fulfilling education by exposing each one to a diversified, technological, aesthetic and expansive program.  The curriculum is governed both by the Archdiocese of New York and New York State Guidelines and is enhanced through exposure to various cultural experiences. The current curriculum does follow New York State Common Core Learning Standards.

Tours are available by appointment. For further information, please call the School Office at (914) 337-0261 or visit

Principal: Ms. Margaret Kazan

30 Meadow Avenue,

Bronxville, NY 10708


The Chapel School in Bronxville

The Chapel School

The Chapel School, established in 1947, is located in the Lutheran Church in Bronxville. It offers programs for children aged 2 to grade 8. Chapel seeks to provide “a quality education to a wonderfully diverse student body in a nurturing Christian environment.” Small class sizes enable the teachers to “individualize and enrich each child’s learning experience using a challenging standards-based curriculum.” Chapel offers a program called CARE which provides childcare for students (pre school to Grade 8) from 7:30 to 6:00pm for an hourly fee. Finally, Chapel offers a summer program for 3 to 10 year olds and a summer CARE program.

Principal: Michael Schultz
172 While Plains Road
Bronxville, New York 10708

Special Needs Schools Near Bronxville

Eagle Hill School

Eagle Hill was established in 1975. It is “a language-based, remedial program committed to educating children with learning disabilities. The curriculum is individualized, interdisciplinary, and transitional in nature.” Eagle Hill “helps children gain the self-esteem necessary to initiate, nurture and maintain friendships.”

45 Glenville Road Greenwich,

Windward School

Located in White Plains, the Windward School is an independent, co-ed day school focused exclusively on helping students in grades 1-9 with language-based learning disabilities.

40 West Red Oak Lane in White Plains



Other School Choices Outside Bronxville

Catholic Schools

Convent of the Sacred Heart in Greenwich

Convent of the Sacred Heart is a Catholic, independent college preparatory School for young women from Preschool through Grade 12. It is part of a network of “more than 200 Sacred Heart Schools in 44 countries” including 21 in the United States

1177 King Street
Greenwich, Connecticut 06831

Fordham Preparatory School

Fordham Preparatory School is a “four-year, Catholic, college preparatory school.” Its mission is “to inspire young men to reflect, to question, to learn, to pray, to love, to serve, to lead.”

East Fordham Road
Bronx, New York 10458

Iona Preparatory School

Iona Preparatory School, founded in 1916, is an independent Catholic school. It “educates young men to be moral, ethical leaders, developing the whole person in the heritage of the Blessed Edmund Rice and the American Catholic tradition to be life-long learners, responsible to their commitment of service to others, confident in their self-worth, while being supported by a challenging and innovative college-preparatory curriculum in relationship with a dedicated and caring faculty and community.”

255 Wilmot Road
New Rochelle, New York 10804

School of the Holy Child

School of the Hold Child provides “young women with a strong liberal arts education rooted in Catholic values and base on the trust and reverence for the dignity and uniqueness of each person.” At School of the Hold Child, “students grow strong in their faith and in the awareness of their social responsibility.”

2225 Westchester Avenue
Rye, New York 10580

The Ursuline School

Founded in 1987 by the Order of St. Ursula, The Ursuline School “is a Catholic, college preparatory school dedicated to the intellectual, spiritual, and moral development of young women.” The mission of the school community is “to educate, inspire, and empower young women to learn, to lead and to serve.”

1354 North Avenue
New Rochelle, New York 10804

Private Schools

Brunswick School

Brunswick School, founded in 1902, is an all boys private day school (pre K through grade 12) located in Greenwich Connecticut. Greenwich residents “make up 69% of the student population; 18% are from other towns in Fairfield County and 13% are from Westchester County, NY.”

100 Maher Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830

Greenwich Academy

Greenwich Academy, founded in 1827, is an “independent college preparatory day school for highly motivated girls and young women in grades pre-kindergarten through 12.” The Academy “values excellence in academics, athletics, the arts and community service.”

200 North Maple Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830

The Horace Mann School

The Horace Mann School was founded in 1887 as “a coeducational experimental and developmental unit of Teachers College at Columbia University.” Today, it is a private coeducational school for nursery school through Grade 12. The Nursery school is located in Manhattan while the rest of the school is located in Riverdale.

231 West 246th Street
Riverdale, New York 10471

Riverdale Country School

Riverdale Country School is “an independent day school that provides a continuous coeducational program for boys and girls from pre-kindergarten through grade twelve.” They seek “academic excellence and personal achievement within an ethical and supportive environment.”

5250 Fieldston Road
Bronx, New York

Rye Country Day School

Rye Country Day School is “a coeducational, college preparatory school dedicated to providing students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 with an excellent education using both traditional and innovative approaches.” Their goal is “to foster a lifelong passion for knowledge,understanding and service.”

Cedar Street
Rye, New York 10580

Camps Directory


Badger Sports Club:

Badger Sports Club is a summer day camp. Nestled in the town of Larchmont, NY. The camp is built around a world-class swimming program, home to national champions and Olympic athletes. Of course, you don't have to be a world class swimmer to come to Badger. In fact, you don't even need to know how to swim! But when you leave in August, you just might be a champion!

Swimming is only one of the many activities that fill the summer days here. Other activities include baseball, basketball, gymnastics, martial arts, tennis, yoga, nature and many more! We offer half-day programs for 3 & 4 year olds, which run from 9am -1pm. For campers 5 years old and up, the day runs from 9am-4pm.

Badger Sports Club
Director: John Collins III
General Information: (914) 834-1084

Performing Arts Camps For Boys and Girls Ages 5-15
Affordable, Educational And Fun!

Spring and Summer Flexible Schedule Performing Arts Camps

Join us for 1/2 day or a full day, from as little as two days or every day.

A versatile program of Dance, Voice, Music, & Theater conducted by skilled instructors
including Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Modern, Tap, Musical Theater, Irish Step, Voice, Staging, Chinese Dance, African, Lyrical, Cheerleading and Arts n' Crafts.

• Morning Half-Day Program is from 9:00 am-12:30 am.
• Afternoon Half-Day Program is from 1:30 pm-5:00 pm
• All-Day Program is from 9:00 am-5:00 pm.

Outdoor activities are held, weather permitting

Weekdays Only- Extended Hours Available

Ballet Arts
The Performing Arts Center of Southern Westchester
A Complete Program of Performing Arts Education, Established in 1977
504 Fifth Avenue, Pelham
914 738 8300 


The Chapel School Summer Program

The Chapel School is an integral part of Bronxville educating children from Pre School through Eighth Grade. Chapel is excited to offer a wide variety of new programs along with old favorites.

CARE BEAR Camp (ages 3-6)

Our successful CARE BEAR Camp offers both AM & PM and FULL Day options. Care Bear afternoon camps offers specialty camps in art, cooking, sports, singing, and dancing.

Explorer Camp (ages 7-12)

Explorer Camp will have new exciting programs along with last years’ favorites.  Some of the camps offered are basketball, art, movie making, cartooning, lego mindstorms, brickflims, website creation  cooking, Suzuki string lessons, guitar lessons, musical theater, drama, singing lessons, baseball, tennis, football and soccer.   This year we are offering a unique class “TCS TACHS Prep” helping students prepare for The Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools.  Our Adventure Camp allows campers to travel on an awesome trip each day.

Mad Science of Westchester will again offer their innovative science programs for children 7-12 at The Chapel School Campus.

For more information visit our website, and follow the link to our summer brochure or contact:

Lynn Lena (Care Bear Camp) 914-337-3202 ext. 1030

Anthony Vaglica (Explorer Camp 914 337-3202 ext 1056




Chelsea Piers Connecticut Summer Camp

Only 30 minutes from Bronxville, Summer Sports Camps at Chelsea Piers feature world-class facilities, expert instruction and the most exciting sports curriculum available – all under one roof! Campers can choose Squash, Gymnastics, Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball, Hockey, Ice Skating, Tennis, Swimming or Multi-Sport full-day camps. Half-day camps for preschoolers and elite training camps for competitive athletes are also available. Camps run June 15 - August 28, 2015. Register by April 30, 2015 and receive Early Bird pricing. NEW for 2015: Chelsea Piers will offer a transportation program servicing campers from the towns of Pelham, Bronxville and New Rochelle during camp weeks from July 6 - 31.

Phone (toll free): 203-989-1100

Address: 1 Blachley Road, Stamford, CT 06902

Click on this link to Register Now!

Concordia Day Camp

Concordia Day Camp offers many exciting programs held on Concordia College's beautiful Bronxville Campus. New for this year! We are proud to offer Concordia's Grand Slam Prospects Baseball Camp, taught by college coaches! Also try our new Teen Scene offering for grades 7-9 or our new Early Childhood MORNING Sports program.

Continuing programs are:
1. The Morning Enrichment Program for grades 1-9 includes such classes as Egyptian Quest, Ms. Frizzle Adventures, Woodworking, Video Game Makers, Computer Art, The Joy of PaintingTM, Cooking, Science, and much more!
2. The Morning Enrichment Program for Early Childhood includes: art, music, science, literature and storytelling as well as indoor and outdoor play.
3. The Concordia Conservatory of Music & Art offers exceptional programs in Musical Theatre, Piano, Violin, Guitar, Band Bash, Vocal Arts, Chamber Music, Drawing and Painting and Ceramics and Summer Composition Intensive.
4. The Afternoon Sports Program includes a wide variety of sports for early childhood as well as grades 1-9.
5. Our Day Trip Adventures Camp, in August, takes campers from grades 2-9 on full-day, well-supervised, exceptional trips around the metropolitan area.

For a fantastic summer, come to Concordia Day Camp! Visit our website at:  or call 914-395-4848. 

Eliza Corwin Frost Summer Camp!

A Summer of Fun in Bronxville - Starts June 11th!

Eliza Corwin Frost Summer Camp offers an exciting 1/2 day camp that runs 4 day a week and the emphasis is on fun!!

Camp starts Monday, June 11th for 7 weeks, ending week of July 30th (no camp week of July 4th). All sessions run Monday-Thursday from 9:00-11:30, unless otherwise noted. 

The camp combines two unparalleled resources: 

*Eliza Corwin Frost's nurturing and knowledgeable teachers 

*Eliza Corwin Frost's unique preschool facility. 

Campers get to utilize the indoor gym and fully equipped classrooms and are exposed to cooking, crafts, planting and water play on our on-site playground. 

Please call or email Mandy Macmillan-Bell for an application at 914-779-4852 or

Click here go to our website.

Tutoring Directory



Ace Tutors Aboard

Ace Tutors Aboard is a tutoring agency, founded by a Cornell University Graduate who is a NYS Certified teacher in Mathematics with over 10 years of teaching experience.

We are dedicated, Ivy League/Top College Graduates and NYS Certified Educators that serve students of every age, any subject at the convenience of your home, for very reasonable rates. Ace Tutors Aboard prides itself in successfully helping students in Westchester County and NY catch up, keep up or excel beyond classroom expectations and NY Common Core standards. In addition to helping your child increase report card grades and standardized test scores, our tutors provide inside tips and tricks with private school or college applications. Find out today and call or email us for a consultation at or (914)336-1368.

Individual and group rates available.

First session FREE


EJG Educational Consulting

Tutoring, Personalized Study Programs,
Test Preparation, Admissions Assistance
4 Pondview Lane
Bronxville Heights, New York

Elena Geba



Magic Carpet Learning

Magic Carpet Learning offers one-on-one tutoring in reading, writing, and math. We are open all year round, including the summer.

96 Kraft Avenue

Bronxville, NY 10708



Schools & Camps Recent Articles

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