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To the Editor:

Mar. 29, 2017:  Last Tuesday, March 21, the Village of Bronxville saw voter turnout almost ten times our average over the last decade. And thank goodness we did. Hundreds of Republicans and Democrats came out to support Mayor Mary Marvin and trustees Bob Underhill and Randy Mayer.

People value their homes and their local community first and foremost. It generally defines the quality of your everyday life. The Democratic candidate clearly was not qualified to steward our village, and when everyday life is threatened, people react. This election clearly threatened Bronxville and its very responsibly run board, one that ensures Bronxville continues to be the village we cherish.

Pick a cliché and run with it. "Change for the sake of change" is foolish and reckless in matters of governance, and "why fix it if it ain't broken?"

These expressions of frustration by many at the outcome of the national election, who we feel made up the bulk of the opposition's vote, is understandable, but seriously misplaced. Bronxville, Eastchester, and Westchester County literally thrive compared to other localities across NY state, and country for that matter.

For the first time since 2006, our sitting board was challenged in a contested election. Not because the opposition should, but because they could. There are far more productive things to focus on rather than going after diligent, highly accomplished and competent stewards of our communities, and we greatly appreciate the hundreds of registered Democrats who supported our slate. 

Finally, I will say on a personal note, I was deeply heartened by the outpouring of support when I reached out to our residents this week. After living here for 20 years, that is a humbling feeling and a true testament to the faith our residents have in our mayor, Mary Marvin, and trustees Randy Mayer and Bob Underhill. We should never take their service for granted and, I unequivocally know, they do not take the residents of Bronxville for granted either.

Thank you.

Rene Atayan
Chair, Bronxville Republican Committee

Editor's note:  MyhometownBronxville does not fact-check statements in letters to the editor, and the opinions do not necessarily reflect the thinking of its staff. Its objective in publishing letters to the editor is to give air to diverse thoughts and opinions of residents in the community.



#9 Hugh Janis DATE_FORMAT_LC1
@ Scott & Mark - Be honest, how many Pink Pussy hats do you own?
Mark and Scott are 100% right. Bronxville residents voted for the individuals NOT the party. And thank goodness. Who would when the current GOP has long since turned from a creative to a reactive movement. More focused on holding-pattern operations vs pioneering novel ideas, innovative economic methods or ground breaking social ideas. Republicans predominately agonizes over the progressive ideas and forward movements put forward by others. With a party so focused on going back to the past, on coal, 8-track cassettes and hoola hoops, where do you think the big ideas of the future will emerge? The Republican Party is the source of authority but not a true source of inspiration. That I'm afraid is up the individuals.
#7 Mark Adkins DATE_FORMAT_LC1
Ms. Atayan: as your neighbor on Pondfield and an engaged community member, I feel obligated to share some truths with you about Bronxville in 2017 (not 1955, where you apparently live):

#1: the staff at SoulCycle are paid to be friendly to you.

#2: CVS on Pondfield got rid of the electronic check-outs because the robots know they steal more jobs than outsourcing.

#3: Value Drugs is not promoting Obamacare death panels.

#4: The Field Club is not affiliated with the World Wildlife Fund.

#5: JFK, who lived in Bronxville, famously said "ask not what your country can do for you -- ask what you can do for your country." The current president, whom you have previously gushed over like a 12 year old at a 1986 New Kids on the Block Concert, has said that, since he is famous, he can sexually assault women.

Please move to New Hampshire. I hear they are getting a SoulCycle.
#6 Raymond Clune DATE_FORMAT_LC1
@Scott - "Trumpian Denigration" of the opponent? Did you happen to do your homework on the Democratic candidates background? I'm a Kennedy Democrat and our candidate 1) was shoved down our throats by an angry and bitter Betsy Harding 2) our candidate was flawed much like our Presidential candidate. You have to tip your hat to Mrs. Atayan and her party who outhustled everyone and got their message out. Pussy hats and protesting ain't the answer......
Nothing to do with the process. The village has changed since you moved here and to expect to run unchallenged is unrealistic. No need to connect it to party mythology, we vote for the individual. What I don't like is your Trumpian denigration of any opponent. If you want to grow Republican support in this new village you should be more like Bloomberg.
Scott and Greg
Given voter registration, and actual turnout counts, a large number of Democrats who voted, voted either on the independent line, or on the Republican line. I expressly thanked residents for their support regardless of Party. Your comments appear highly critical of a system that has served the Village well for decades. The process of nominating rests with the Parties and, by law, is an open and transparent process, unlike a non-partisan election where closed interviews take place. The only 'partisan' issue was not our doing; it was an expression of dissatisfaction with a national election, which had no place in a Village election.
#3 Mark Adkins DATE_FORMAT_LC1
So delighted to see that Bronxville has produced its very own Kellyanne Conway! Ms. Atayan, thank you for providing our community with your alternative facts. Now please return to watching Fox News and campaigning to defund Planned Parenthood, or else hop in your DeLorean and travel back to 1955.
In addition to the above point, about 2/3rd of Bronxville voters did not support the Republican presidential candidate in the last election, so clearly people here vote for the individuals and not the party. We don't agree with your spin.
Surprising the Republicans would be so proud of these results when Citizens for Responsible Growth earned more votes for Mayor and nearly as many for the trustees who won. A testament to the individuals, not the party.
From MyHometown Bronxville:
Marvin won 335 votes on the Bronxville Citizens for Responsible Growth line and 317 on the Republican line for a total of 652 votes.

Underhill won 257 votes on the Bronxville Citizens line and 316 on the Republican line for a total of 573 votes.

Mayer won 247 votes on the Bronxville Citizens line and 322 on the Republican line for a total of 569 votes.


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